The Covid-19 Pandemic Wave Of Philippines


With the first reported case of Covid19 in the Philippines last January 30, 2020, who is a tourist from China. Then, on March 7, 2020, the first local transmission of Covid19 in the Philippines was confirmed. With this data alone, the wave theory for the pandemic had been established and being monitored closely as the Covid19 cases keeps raising every day.

As of now, the Philippines had 13,434 confirmed cases of Covid-19. With this, 3,000 patients have recovered while 846 have died.

A little history…

The wave theory of pandemic had been used long before, especially during the Influenza Outbreak of 1918 or known as the “Spanish Flu of 1918.” The “Spanish Flu” had infected around 500 million people worldwide, with 50 million estimated deaths. That pandemic had shown in three waves or phases, where the second wave had been the deadliest of the three waves, which occur in fall of 1918. Of course, during that time, different countries have different methods of containing the outbreak.

The Influenza Outbreak of 1918

Some definition of Pandemic Waves or Phases…

So, a pandemic wave is a rising of cases for couple of days, weeks or months, then followed by decrease of cases every day that might last for a week. And a pandemic might have different number of waves during its outbreak.

Influenza Outbreak of 1918

As to Influenza Outbreak of 1918, it had three waves, where after the first wave, it subsides for couple of months, then suddenly peak for more than a month. Again, subsides for months and once again peak but not the same with second wave.

Filipinos should still follow the strict guidelines being set…

As of now, I believe that Philippines is still in the first wave of this Covid-19 Pandemic. We should strictly follow the guidelines set by the government. Even though, most area of the country have now under on General Community Quarantine (GCQ), this does not mean that the norm had resume.

doh philippines first wave cases of covid19
The data is on May 20, 2020

The norm now had been changed, and you should accept that or else everyone will suffer later on. The governments action in the last couple of months to limit the spread of this pandemic will be a waste. Your sacrifice during that time will be wasted, just think about it. I bet that you want to do those things that you do before this Covid19 crisis, but just few more sacrifice and you can do that.

As a Filipino, I would rather do more sacrifice than suffer greatly later on. You should do also your part as a citizen of the Philippines, be a front-liner on your own by following the set rules.

My final thoughts…

Whatever wave or phase our country now, we must also play our part by not going outside on our home, keeping the social distancing measure in public places, wear mask when going outside the house and do always hand wash our hands. By the just doing this four alone, you are helping the fight the spread of Covid19 in your own community and to the country itself.

Until no vaccines is being develop for this virus as of now, we are still in danger getting infected of it. Remember that, an asymptomatic patient could infect an entire community without warning.


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