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Veneric Post is now accepting partnerships, sponsorships and product review that are related to the topics of this blog. For the terms of these partnerships, sponsorships and product reviews will be discuss via email, messenger and other means of communications, which also include a personal meeting on both parties.

For Partnerships,

Veneric Post accepts on partnerships that are related to the topics being share to this blog. Both parties will have a thorough discussion in terms on the payment, duration and other necessary activities that can have positive result on both.

For Sponsorships

Veneric Post accepts on sponsorships which includes on the blog post, a local travel and other activities that can benefit the sponsor, without any violation set by the blog. A thorough discussion on both parties is necessary in order to have fair understanding on set rules for sponsorships.

For Product Review

Veneric Post accepts product review on products related to the topic found in the blog, which will include a destination review or resort review. A thorough discussion is a must on this, so that both parties will benefit on this.

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