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This blog is currently looking for writers or contributors of content (blog post). As a writer or contributor, you will be provided with account, so that you can post your content at any time you want.

In terms of compensation or payment, as of now, this blog cannot exchange your piece of content into money, since the blog itself is NOT earning money. But Ads have been already in place for this purpose. In the future, when this blog makes money, those writers or contributors will be compensated from the time they begin contributing to this blog.

These are the following topics to be written as writers or contributors:

  • Local travel ( places within Philippines)
  • Blogging itself
  • Money (investments, savings, and making money online tips)
  • Health
  • Technology

If you’re interested to become a writer or contributor to this blog, just email me @

venericflores@gmail.com or mail@venericpost.com

write in SUBJECT ” Want to become a writer or contributor at Veneric Post “

NOTE: This blog will become a No.1 source of information here in Philippines soon.