How To Start a Successful Blog Today In 2023 – A Beginners Guide of Successful Blogging


This is your simple guide to start a successful blog in 2023..

So, you’re interested in blogging, and you have a plan to create one. But, before you jump in creating your blog, just read this blog post first, if you want it to be successful.

Yes, this blog post! No other blog post, so that you will never made a mistake like I did.

Blogging, comes on a long way from today. Blogging started on the early 2000s, where you or me just want to share what happens on everyday life. But, today blogging is not about yourself anymore, it is more about the people who reads it.

Information on your blog, should give them any help or value because they may never come back to your blog.

Search engines today, like Google, Bing and Yahoo get most of their information’s on a blog, where it answers to a certain inquiry or a keyword that people like you or me look for.

So, it is important for you in creating a blog should about certain question that needed an answer or solution.

So, how can you actually create a successful blog in this day, where there’s a lot of competition on a certain topic that are well establish. You can just follow a certain thing’s you need to do and you will achieve that success you’ve always dreamed off.
Here it is:
Of course, without a topic, your blog is useless. Sometimes finding the right niche or topic for your blog is little tricky since, almost all the topic probably has certain blog for it.

Try to conduct a research particular niche you’ve choose, so that you can measure or analyze how much competition you will be facing. The less competition on a certain niche, the better it will give your blog quicker way to achieve success.

However, the chances of finding a less saturated niche is slim and also, that topic will problem because you don’t have any idea at all.

And writing for it could be a pain in the long run, because you will have difficulty writing a blogpost on that topic and maintaining it.

So, if you have passion on something or you want to share what you’ve learn, then it must be the niche or topic for your blog, even if has already have a huge number of establish blogs. Writing on something you have already know, is much easier than just writing on something you’ve barely known for the sake of your blog.

Your readers would know if you don’t have any idea on what you’ve writing about.

Choose a good hosting and a simple domain name

This is contrary to this, because I’m using a free platform and hosting for this blog. But you should not be discouraged because having a blog that runs on paid hosting and domain gives you much control. Like this blog, running on a free platform, I’m endanger on being discontinued since I don’t have the control of it.

Remember that your hosting is like and office building in a city and the domain name is the address of it. So this two, will always compliment on each other, your blog will be nothing if either is missing.
There are many hosting providers today available for creating blog, but only few provides a great service, speed and reliability. Also, this hosting provider does not cost much for a year, which is great value for you, since you are just starting a blog.
The domain name of your blog should be related on the topic, so that it will be easily to remember by your readers. But your domain name should be at least one word and no numbers on it, also avoid a very complicated one.
By the way, use this hosting provider for your blog, it does not cost much. They are offering a $1.99/month with FREE domain name included. I have reviewed this hosting provider for a year, it is great for a price they offer. Visit Here.

Use WordPress Platform for your blog

Most of the blog today, runs on a wordpress platform. WordPress is a platform that are design for blog, where you don’t to code for your blog.

You will just install it easily from your hosting, and after that you can then create your first blog post.

When you purchase the hosting I recommend, you can easily install WordPress with just few clicks, then you can add your favorite theme and plugins necessary for your blog. By the way, your theme should be at least simple so that your blog would load quickly.

Publish Your First Blog Post

A blogpost is very important that you publish your first at the same day that you created your blog, because it will immediately gain some traction with just one blog post published.

And also, you’ve already had a topic for your then publishing a post will be easy.

Never mind If you’re first post is crappy, because there’s always been a room for improvement every day.

But be sure on your blog post contains enough information about the topic you choose, because it will give a first impression to your readers quickly, if your blog is worth their time.

And if you value your readers on your first post, then success will be a breeze for your blog.

Share your published blog post to other online places

Since, you already publish your very first blog post, the chances of someone will read it is slim, because search engines would not rank it high in certain keyword.

So, you must do something in order for your blog to be read by people by sharing it online places.

These online places include social media platforms, online forums and other websites.

In the past, social media platforms are good places for sharing your blog, but today, it is not worth it if you’re not paying an ad. However, places such Reddit and Quora is an alternative if you want people to read your blog, but you must obey their rules about sharing post.
Forums are also great place to share your first blog post, you must also obey there rules so that you post will be approve for sharing.

Also, you need to do some research on what are those forums related to your blog topic.

Always improve your content

As I mention above, your first published blog post will definitely a crappy one, it does not need to be perfect one but at least they have a post to be read on.

One day after you published it, try to read it then if you find something wrong or needs improvement, then improve it. A well written blog content definitely attracts more readers in the future, as long as it does not happen yet, continue to published a information-rich post to your blog.

Every time you publish a new blog post, always reads it one day after, you will definitely find an area that needs an improvement or omit something to make your post become informational.
This my ways in creating a successful blog today, but you must know that success does not have a time frame that you can wait. It comes on a number actions that you do everyday to make you blog a successful one.

Try not to rush everything, especially in publishing a blogpost because it will make the difference between success and failureof your blog.

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  1. Being consistent is my greatest challenge currently. As a new blogger, there is so much to do and earn and it is easy to become bogged down. I am working to streamline certain processes and prioritize aspects of blogging, so that I can be more consistent.

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