Task Scam : A New Form Online Scams Hitting Filipino Today

task online scam

Scams are not new today; people had been scamming people since the dawn of 20th century. With the internet today, scams also adopt on this technology, and scams in the internet are difficult to identify.

Online scams have different forms, different method and different ways of attracting innocent victims. One of the latest scams now, is called “Task Scams”, I had been recently a victim on this new online scam.

So, how this “Task Scam” begin? I will give some details on this, but maybe other have also experience a slight variation on this.


A random number will message you in the WhatsApp, about their company and inviting you to become their employee, where you can earn 1500 – 3500 every day. They will give a certain company name which never exist.

If you will not get convince, they then give you a task such rating an ad like hotels or resorts or LIKE a product in Lazada or LIKE a post in Instagram, which you will take a SCREEN SHOT if you completed it, then SEND that screenshot to them.

After that, you will get paid 40-50 pesos. You will then ask to complete another two of the same tasks, which will earn you total of 120 -150 pesos. After completing the 3 tasks, they will ask for your Name and GCASH account, so that they will your earnings. By the way, they will you the exact amount in your GCASH. That’s FREE money, right?


They will ask you if your interested in joining their company, if YES then, they will send you some kind of Fill up Forms, asking about your own Mobile Number, Complete Name, Address, Employment, and your own GCASH Account.

Once you fill it up, then they will send you to so called “RECEPTIONIST “in the Telegram app. He or she will be responsible for you, especially on paying when you complete the task.

You will be then communicating your Receptionist in the Telegram App, then your receptionist will add you to a Telegram Group, where other people also are involved. In that telegram group, is the task is posted where your task to do something, then SCREEN SHOT it. The Screenshot will be sent to your receptionist, then he/she will pay you money.

Also, you will to complete 3 total tasks before you will receive your money in your GCASH account. This so-called task will begin on 10am up to 10pm. But the real scam will begin on your second day. On your first day, you can make 500php up to 650php. That’s FREE money.

On the Second Day!

Your so-called task, will begin at 10am, your receptionist will message you in the Telegram. Also, people in the Telegram group will also begin to message. Then, the first task will be post in the group. That’s the same process in the previous day.

So, in the 6th Task is where the scam will begin, the admin of the Telegram group you’ve join will then post is so-called “Special Task” where you are now needed to deposit money. That Special Task will earn you according to them, around 20% up to 50% in a single transaction.

Your receptionist will message you on what amount your will be depositing, because you cannot skip that part. The amount will range from 1,000php up to 10,000 php.

If you deposit 1,000 php, then your receptionist an account where you will send the money, also he/she will ask for a screenshot of that money.

After they confirm it, the receptionist will send you a link like crypto exchange or online mall, where you will be registering on it. After you register to it, the receptionist will then send to a so called “TUTOR”.

This tutor will guide you on the site, you have recently registered on. Also, your tutor will tell that you need to finish 2-3 task before you get paid. Which means you are required to deposit another amount. Same process of depositing, you will need to contact your receptionist for depositing.

They will send a task for you follow, like trading a crypto based on their guide or buying certain product according to their guide. Once, you have completed that task, they will then ask for your name and GCASH account for your earning with the profit of 20% up to 50% included.

The SCAM Happens!

After completing those initial special tasks, you can now receive the money from your Special Task plus the regular task. The real scam happens when you are still doing the special task because, those amount you’ve deposited will no longer available, which means that you are required to deposit larger amount.

Those Special Task you have earning 30% up to 50% profit, will continue to have more task in order to complete it and the needed amount is also increasing, which means you will run out of funds.

If you can’t complete those 4-5 task in the Special Task, your deposited money will not be refunded by them.


This type of scam is very difficult to trace because they are using online payment platform as deposit account, which in terms of refund is impossible. Also, the people behind this Task Scam is foreigner, but some Filipino might be involved also. However, your so-called Receptionist might be using a script in responding to your message.


If you got involve into this TASK SCAM, just receive the money they give but never deposit any amount. But if you want to completely avoid this, my advice is to NOT INSTALLED or DELETE WhatsAPP, because this app is the initiator on this new type of scam.

Also, if the offer is too good to be true, then it’s probably scams. Avoid getting involve of get rich quick scheme or investments that promises high returns.

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