Best Investments for Filipinos to become rich in the Philippines 2024


Every Filipino’s dream will always be becoming to be rich, that includes me and yourself. Becoming rich will provide yourself a feeling of relief that money will never be an issue or problem to you and to your family.

And becoming a rich Filipino today is now an attainable dream than before, because of the opportunities that are present. With this opportunities comes with money, you will just need to grab the right opportunities that can make you rich.

So, if you were poor today, I don’t believe that you will still be poor in the future, if are willing to grab those opportunities and put an effort to it.

In order for you to become rich in the future, you will need the best investments to invest in, to achieve your dream. These investments will expedite your way in becoming a rich Filipino, because your investment will provide you an additional source of money.

 In order for these following investments to be successful, you will need to focus on this and put a lot of effort to this.

Here are the best investments to invest in to become rich in the Philippines…

Invest in yourself

The most important investment you should make today, investing to yourself will lead you to become a rich Filipino in the future. This is the part where you should put a lot of effort on acquiring knowledge about something.

If you’re really want to become rich in the future, you should read books about the topics of money, finance, or some biography of the most richest man in the world. These following topics will provide you the knowledge that you’ve never learned before.

There are different books to chose on about different topics, you will just need to find it in the internet, what are the best books for those certain topics.

Equipping your mind with the right knowledge, will provide you some ideas on how world works, especially about money. How some individual acquire so much money, when they born poor in the world. Those are an example of the question that will arise when you are reading books.

When you read books to acquire knowledge especially about money, you will then have different way of understanding how the mind of successful people works, when they are acquiring money.


Invest on your own business

If you want truly to become a rich Filipino this country, working a job should not be your priority but instead, start your own business. Starting your own business is the easy part but making it successful is the challenge for you. So, once you’ve started your own business, make sure that your effort and time will not go into waste by not making your business successful.

Making your business successful, does not need just money but your undivided focus and effort every day. And this part most of the people fail miserably , unlike to a job or work where you are just required 8-12 hours per day while in business you will need more than that.

Also, in terms of making money, a work guarantees that you will be making a certain amount on that certain date while in business, making money is not guaranteed, you can either make money this month and for next month, you won’t’.


Invest in the stock market

Should you invest in the stock market whether in the Philippine Stock Market or in the different country such U.S Stock Market?. I would recommend that you should invest in the stock market as long-term investment, more of a retirement account.

But before you invest your money and time in the stock market, you must research first about it. Especially the risk of getting involve on the stock market. The mistake of many people in the stock market is that, they jump immediately without any information on how stock market works.

Many investors do make money in the stock market, because they learn first the ins and outs of the stock market and how they can make money from investing on it.

A stock market is just a marketplace of the public traded companies or corporations that are available to the public people. A stock is portion of that company, which you will become a part owner of that company if bought that stock.

In investing at the stock market, you should at least a minimum of 10 years horizon, because the risk of losing your capital is down to the lowest percentage.

To make money in the stock market is just about, “BUY LOW, SELL HIGH”. You buy a stock on certain price then, you will just need to wait for the price to go up, then that’s the time you will sell it.


Invest in real estate

Real estate is asset that are appreciating always, which means that the price continuous to go up. A sample of these real estate products that appreciate includes land, house and buildings.

Investing in the real estate is one of the best investments you can make today, because as I mention above, values will continue to goes up time to time. You will just need to find a property like a land or a house that you can buy today, and sell it in the future.

Another way you can make millions in the real estate, is thru rentals. Rentals can be done in land, a house, an apartment or maybe a building for different offices.

Rentals will provide you a monthly income, in a consistent basis unless a tenant of your won’t pay his/her dues. But in rentals, you will deal on many problems such repair, electricity and water.

All in all, real estate is great investments if you want to build a fortune in the future.


Invest on an Insurance Policy

An insurance policy maybe one of the underrated products available to many Filipinos today. Many of the Filipinos today, like yourself don’t have any insurance policy because for a reason that it is an additional monthly bill and it is not yet explain the importance of it.

As an investment, insurance is one of the best because it will provide yourself and your family a net that in the future. You will not pay any cent of money when you’re hospitalize or it will provide your family an additional money, when something happens to you.

There are cheap insurance policy available today, which covers many different areas like hospitalization, critical illness coverage and many more. You can now an insurance policy as low as 3,000 Php.

Also, many of the insurance policy are being tied to an investment now, which means that your money will continue to grow every year, different from the amount you are being insured.

Of course, insurance policy is to be paid on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

Just imagine, when you are already retired, you will never think where to get the money when you get sick because your insurance policy will cover that for you.

If you want to learn about insurance policy, just contact me at

My Final Thoughts

Those are the best investments you can start today, if you want to become a millionaire here in the Philippines. Those following investments need your time and effort, and your dedication in mastering your craft. It will be worth it in the future, once your investments pays off.

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