Amontay Beach Resort: “A perfect place to Unwind in Weekends 2023”

amontay beach in amontay nasipit

Amontay Beach Resort is one of the best destination if you wanted to get unwind and relieve on stress, especially when visiting at night…

If I could go back to a place I’ve been to before, one of them would be the Amontay Beach Resort because they have this eco-resort accommodation and not just that the view is breathtakingly beautiful.


If you are planning to visit this one too, the resort is located in Barangay Amontay, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. If you’re coming from Butuan City, travel time would be approximately 45 minutes. Following the National Highway, just after passing Nasipit Proper, turn right at the junction at Brgy. Amontay, it’s a kind of remote area but you won’t regret it when you reach the place, you can see a paradise.

By Local Commute:

If you’re outside Agusan del Norte, the nearest airport is Butuan City Domestic Airport (Bancasi) where flights can be booked via an online website like PAL (Philippine Airlines) and Cebu Pacific. Once you’re in the airport, the resort is around 35 kilometers away or approximately 28 minutes. Vans or buses are available that are bound to Nasipit in Agusan del Norte and you can instruct the driver/conductor to drop you off at Amontay Beach Resort.

By Car:

Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Amontay Beach Resort” in Amontay, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. Parking space is available near the wharf. From there, take a motorboat to the resort.

What to expect…

The so-called Bali-inspired Bamboo Houses

These frames of a triangle Bamboo House will catch your attention and they are facing the ocean. In front of it, they have a Korean table setup and artificial green grass where you can walk barefoot, sit and eat with friends.

And also they have a net typed carpet hanging just like a hammock with one pillow in it. The A-Houses are best viewed during nighttime when the lights are on. These A-houses cost 3,000.00 each and can accommodate 4 persons, free to use of the swimming pool and free breakfast.

Seaview cottages: Bali-inspired Cabanas

This Seaview cottage is perfect for a group of people who like to unwind especially from endless work. If you also want to stay for a night, where you will feel the cold breeze coming from the sea then Cabana is the best option to take.

They also have a fire pit placed semi-underground where you can stay for a while facing the sea perfect for picturesque. The Cabana can only accommodate up to 4 persons, but if you want more people to spend the night there with you, you can add an excess per person.

The cost per cabana is 1,000.00 for day use, 1500.00 for overnight, and 2,000.00 for the whole day, and also the time varies per price. The cost of each is good for 3-4persons with a set of beddings.

The Floating Dock Bridge

They have this floating bridge that will take your breath away in an instant. Taking a stroll in a floating dock bridge is absolutely a mind-soothing experience itself, while we also breathe in that gentle breeze!

Sometimes, you will feel the need to suddenly pause before taking a step because you will feel the wave of the ocean right beneath your foot but if you just go with the flow, that feeling will amaze you.

A perfect getaway with friends

Working in an environment with limited access on the outside could worn-out your last source of energy, and it so tiring when you just sleep for a night and then do the same routine all over again. Sometimes, you can think of, why not gather some friends to talk about a perfect getaway.

When we arrived at the place, the first thing we did is capture moments even in a little thing we see that caught our attention.

Miss Queennie, one of my co-workers said, ” It’s not really the best, but with the right people and with this place, it’s perfect for me.”

The Not Too Bad Experience

If you don’t book a reservation, walking in is a little bit confusing. The moment that you arrive at the entrance gate they will ask for an entrance fee doubled to the supposed to be the amount paid when booking a Cabana for example.

When you want to book a Cabana the total amount you will pay is 1,900.00 inclusion is 4 people with a 100.00 entrance fee and 1,500.00 for a Cabana itself. The 200.00 entrance fee will be paid by the person in excess.


Beach Resort , contact number : 09512573773

Updated as of January 2023
General Admission
Day Tour Php 100.00 (7am-6pm only)
Night Tour Php 200.00 (6pm-7am only)
-w/ pool access til 9pm

  • No Corkage fee (outside catering not allowed)
    *Bali Inspired Cabanas (open cottage with bed)
    -good for 3-4 persons w/ set of beddings
    Php 1000 (day use) 7am-6pm
    Php 1500 (overnight) 6pm-7am
    Php 2000 (wholeday) 7am-7am
    *Dining Cottage PHP 1000.00
    -good for 10-15pax
    *Amontay Tent PHP 1000.00
    -good for 20 persons
    *Table set PHP 150.00
    -good for 4 w/ 4 chairs
    *Standard Room or Matrimonial Room
    -good for 2 persons with breakfast
    -Php 2,200.00
    *Deluxe Rooms
    -good for 3 persons with breakfast
    -Php 2,600.00
  • Family Room
    -good for 4 persons
    -Php 3,250.00
    *Superior Rooms
    -good for 5 persons
    -Php 3,850.00
    BAMBOO HOUSES -A frames � (Triangle)
    Php 3,000.00
    -good for 4 pax with breakfast and pool
    Dormitory Type Rooms :
    Good for 24 persons : 14,000 w/ pool (beach area)
    Good for 10 persons: 6,000 w/ pool (beach area)
    Good 20 persons: 14,000 w/ pool (pool area)

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of areas you can go inside Amontay Beach Resort and is very pleasing and worth visiting. The place is also best for wedding receptions, team building, and family bonding. I’ve been in different places and I can say they are also nice places but Amontay Beach Resort is a place worth remembering.

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