How Fruit And Vegetable Juice Make Our Body Healthy

Let’s get juicing!

Are you eating your fruits before heavy meals? Pretty much not. Health experts say that it is better to eat fruits before eating heavy meals because it helps clean the stomach from excess waste left in our body.

Don’t you know that aside from fruit itself, juice comes at its freshest and fullest when you drink it right after it is processed? It’s because the juice retains its maximum freshness and potency for only a limited time around 10-20 minutes according to health experts. That’s the reason why juices lose some of their goodness fastly even an open sliced fruit.

You should not delay drinking your juice because here’s what happens when you delay. Let’s picture the process this way. When you press fruits and vegetables, you open their cell walls and the nutrients they have are very sensitive. And if you let it open in the air it will change in color.

What happens when you cut an apple and leave it open? It turns brown. The process is called oxidation- the chemical process in which a substance gains oxygen or loses electrons and hydrogen. Expose it to air and it oxidizes quickly. The same thing happens to your juice.

As 20 minutes is over of oxidation most enzymes and nutrients are also gone. The taste of it may also change when you delay drinking your juice.

Gentle Reminders


It is clear that local fruits and vegetables taste sweeter, and are having more nutrients, and have high moisture content than those that have undergone packaging and shipping.


Nothing more ideal than growing your garden of fruits and vegetables for juicing. Since we are talking about organic, you should bear in mind that what you planted is free from pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals on the side. Much better if you use organic compost from animal manure and household wastes to add nutrients to the soil, instead of chemical fertilizers. 

It sounds challenging especially living in a concrete city and you’re planning to do gardening, however, you should not deter from making juicing a part of your healthy lifestyle. Just make sure to buy fresh and local fruits and vegetables and wash them thoroughly.


Let’s say that you are just starting your journey to blend green juices into your diet, go slow with the greens first. Even if health experts say they are more nutritious and more healthful than fruit juices, your stomach may not be ready to welcome a rush of green juice that early. You may experience not-so-pleasant results like vomiting and headache. Besides, you may not like the taste of green juice and find the experience distasteful.

Instead, do the proportion, like making a juice from two fruits and one green first, followed by two fruits and two greens, then one fruit and two greens, and so on.


Just like a wine you need to savor the flavor before allowing it to slide down your esophagus. That’s why don’t drink your juice in one long gulp! Better still, don’t juice when you know you can’t find the time to enjoy it.

But why? Because when you drink digestion begins in the mouth, not in the stomach. The mixing of saliva with the juice allows better absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream. Saliva has digestive enzymes that improve the digestive process. Gulping your juices misses that all-important stage.


If you have just eaten, it is recommended that you postpone drinking your green juice until at least after two hours-the ideal time frame between eating and drinking. 

“I remember when I took the exam and I need to review it, but before looking through the reviewer I ate a lot and I want to zeal on studying. My coach told me that I need to wait at least 2 hours before studying since my stomach is full and it will not be effective because my brain isn’t working that much while the stomach is busy digesting my food.” It only means by one way or another that you should let one finish its job before you begin the other one.

When your stomach is empty, the vitamins and minerals get straight into your bloodstream. Drinking on a full stomach hinders the flow. If, however, you have just drunk a green juice, wait for at least 20 minutes to eat, health experts say.


If you drink the same kind of juice every day of the week, even if you are drinking vegetable juice, you drink the same nutrients. Boring! Just because you want healthy-looking skin and shiny hair doesn’t mean you’d drink pineapple juice day in and day out.

Variation is the key. Juice fruits in season. They come in cheaper. Remember, the more variety of juices you drink, the more nutrients you will introduce to your body. But for easy availability, imported fruits may be available in supermarkets and leading department stores all-year-round.


Drinking juice is not the cure, but only a part of the solution. In other words, there are no therapeutic claims when it comes to herbal medicines compare to drugs sold in the market. Don’t make juice your daily habit, hoping to cure an illness. 

Juices, especially the greens, offer lots of health benefits that will make you healthier, but not necessarily heal an ailment. If you are healthy, however, physically and mentally, your body can fight off illness and sickness better.


Just because you drank a glass or two of the green juice doesn’t mean you’ll miss the meals. Think of juices as supplements to your regular meals. You need the energy to help you through a stressful and hectic workday. Solid foods help provide that energy.


After removing the pulps, muster them immediately because delaying will lead to hardening of fibers and residues, and it will only make the clean-up more difficult. Also, once your juicer is stained, it may remain stained forever.

What if you are running late and you need to rush to work? It will help if you soak the removable parts in the water and wash it immediately upon your return.

Drinking fruit and green juices is a delicious, healthy, and rewarding way to load up on micronutrients in your body. Enjoy its health benefits while taking note of these gentle reminders.

Reference: Healthy Juices by Arlene May Gealone-Corpus

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