How to have a baby boy or a baby girl? (Simple Tips That Can Do That)

Simple tips that might grant your wish to have a baby boy or baby girl that you want to raise…

Many married couples are trying their best to conceive a child. The same goes for those who want to have a baby of their own preferred gender. So, how can you conceive a child whether a baby boy or a baby girl? Is it really possible that you can choose the gender you want even before getting pregnant?

Some ways can be applied but there is only one method that is scientifically proven to be effective that can allow you to select the sex of a child you want and that is Artificial Gender Selection during individual fertilization.

However, if you are kind of a person who wants to give birth naturally there are no methods that are proven a hundred percent correct that can enable you to select the child you want.

Though, there are several studies which have been done on how to select the gender of a child.

What are the ways on how to select the sex of your baby naturally?

To begin with let us first understand a few basic Science.

A woman produces an egg that has two chromosomes and these two chromosomes are all XX and it represents a baby girl. Therefore, a woman only produces XX chromosomes that contain the egg cell. And man’s sperm contains X and Y chromosomes, X represents a baby girl and Y represents a baby boy.

What happens when these two chromosomes meet? When they meet, a woman will, of course, donate her X chromosome, and a man it’s by probability donate his X chromosome or may donate a Y chromosome. So, once a man donates a Y chromosome and is added to the X chromosome of a mother, the result would be a baby boy.

However, if a man donates an X chromosome which will meet with another X chromosome of the mother the result will be a baby girl. Therefore, the person that determines the sex of the child, the sex of the baby is a man.

There has been a lot of misconception in our cultures whereby men are arguing with their wives because they are producing only one particular gender.

You find it that the whole family is blaming the woman because she is producing one gender but you should understand that gender determination of the baby is done by a man.

  • The first natural way of choosing the gender of the child you want is Ovulation Method (see reference).

If you are going to use this method you must know your ovulation day and when are you going to ovulate. So, if you know your ovulation day then it is easier for you to calculate.

Let’s give an incidence that your ovulation day is on the 20th day of February 2021 and we are going to use a few issues here. We are going to use the theory by Dr. Landrum Brewer Shettles (1909-2003) the pioneer of Vitro fertilization and he stated that the differences between a male sperm and a female sperm, when you are talking about sperm it is the fluid that is produced during the intercourse and that fluid contains two chromosomes, the XX and XY chromosomes.

What were the differences? He said that the boy sperm swim faster than the female sperm. But he also stated that the boy sperm is smaller in size, he further stated that the boy sperm survives for fewer days as compare to a girl sperm, so which means a boy sperm survives less and that is 3 days.

 It only survives in the woman’s womb for only 3 days whereas the girl sperm can survive for up to 5 days. And therefore, we’d like to use this to find out if you can really target the gender you need. So, if your ovulation day is on the 20th day of February 2021, it means generally, your sperm has 5 days to survive prior to the ovulation day.

So, if you mate your partner 5days before ovulation and produces a sperm that contains a boy and a girl, according to the theory the boy sperm by the target date on the 18th day of February, the third day before ovulation, the boy sperm will have died. Remember on the 20th day is when the egg is producing and is now in the fallopian tube ready for fertilization.

So, it is waiting for the sperm but by the third day, the boy sperm is already dead. And therefore, who is still surviving? It is the girl’s sperm. Therefore, the girl’s sperm will reach on the fifth day, when it still alive, and will be the one to fertilize the egg.

And the result will be a baby girl. So, if you had intercourse with your partner 5 days before ovulation, the result is likely to be a baby girl. And if you mate your partner 3 days before ovulation, it means both sperms will be available on the 20th day, and therefore, which sperm is going to fertilize the egg? This will bring us to another difference between a baby boy and a girl sperm and that is the speed.

We know that the boy sperm is faster than the girl sperm and if they have been put on the same level, it is the boy sperm will hit the target before the girl sperm.

Therefore, if you had intercourse 3 days before ovulation, it is likely that you have a result of a baby boy because the sperm of the baby boy swim faster than the baby girl sperm.

If you really want to target a baby boy, it is better to mate your partner on the ovulation day, why, because the boy sperm will move faster than the girl sperm and fertilize.


In conclusion about in this particular method, if you want a baby boy, you should mate your partner 3days or 2 days before ovulation or on the ovulation day.

The chances of having a baby boy are high. And if you want to have a baby girl, mate your partner 5 days or 4days prior to the ovulation day. And do not have intercourse again until after ovulation.

So, we are going to look at another 2 methods, and these methods were again suggested by Dr. Landrum Brewer Shettles, the pioneer of Vitro fertilization.

He suggested 2 more ways of conceiving a particular gender you need. However, these methods have been widely criticized by some scientists but he still has a lot of proponents for this method.

  1. Female Orgasm

He stated that during female orgasm, there is production of alkaline solutions and this solution are important for a male sperm survival and he said that if you want a baby boy make sure that your woman reaches orgasm. That is according to Dr. Landrum Shettles and his proponents.

  • Sex Position

Here is such about the sex position. He said that deep penetration will give a result a baby boy, why, he gives a reason that during deep penetration the sperms are deposited near or closer to the cervix and therefore when they are deposited near or close to the cervix there is a short distance from the cervix on the fallopian tubes where fertilization is going to come. This gives an advantage to the male sperm because it swims faster though it goes for a short distance.

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