How to make money here in the Philippines today in 2024


Money is always related to living, without it, it is impossible to live today. Money is just maybe a paper but it represents your ability to pay and your status in society.

Filipinos, like yourself and me should have money every day, like an air, where it should be infinite. But it will never be the case, because money always attracts value and how you handle it.

Rich and Poor Filipinos knows how to make money but they differ on there means of doing it. Rich people keep doing it while poor Filipinos keep doing it also, without knowing that there means still making them poor.

So, here are some of the best ways to make money here in the Philippines today…

Have A Job

A common-sense way to make money here in the Philippines today, but getting a job with good salary and benefits are becoming a challenge to us.

Our culture as Filipino is that, you should go to a school for a course, then graduate and look for a good or high paying job then retire. Of course, having a job can make you money which will pay your bills and have a living.

Sadly, if you don’t have any degree here in the Philippines, getting of a good paying job is seldom or near impossible. Most of companies here in the country will always look for the school you’ve graduated and experience.

And having not to graduate means only that you will be earning a merely 500 Php, which is minimum wage and you will have difficulty budgeting it, because of the current of basic goods are high.

Start your own business

Having a business in the Philippines is one best way to make money here, but maintaining a business that makes money is different story than starting one.

Filipinos do jump immediately on starting a business when they will see that someone is successful but then later, they will realize that it is very difficult when they’re the one whose running it.

So before you start your business, do conduct a feasibility study first, whether your business is suitable in your chosen location and does it have really a market. Many business failed within the year of establishing it because they to do this.

Always remember that, starting your own business is the easy part but maintaining is a different story. You should know every angle or inch about your business, because many people will copy your business and if you’re prepare for it, then you will be extinct.

In business, you will just need to have product to sell to others or a services that someone needed.

Become an expert on your field

Becoming an expert on something, especially on the high paying areas of industry, then you can be making a fortune here.

For example, on this, Like General Physician, they do make tons of money but a Surgeon is on the different level of doctor and they are making millions on a monthly basis.

To become an expert on something, it will need a lot of time practicing, maybe in school or in your own job. This means that it will many years before you can become expert and someone will recognize your expertise.

Invest in stocks and cryptocurrency

Investing is one word, that can make you money here in the Philippines and in different parts of world. Stocks and cryptocurrencies are one of the assets to invest on. But with this asset, there will risk along with it.

In these assets, you will rely on price appreciation, and it will take months or even years to those prices goes up.

To invest on stocks and cryptocurrency, you will be needing a broker. The Philippine Stock Exchange is marketplace on public traded companies of country which includes such San Miguel Corp (SMC), SM Prime Holding, Jollibee Food Corporation, etc.

To minimize the risk on these investments, you will have a longer holding period, which means a number of years is needed.

Trade stocks and cryptocurrency

Trading is the opposite of investing, but there are Filipino people are making millions of pesos with trading of stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Trading is just about “BUY Low, SELL High” principle. But predicting when the price of a stocks and cryptocurrencies goes up and goes down is impossible. Even with best trader in the world cannot predict it. To make money on trading, you should be learning about technical analysis on graphs, reads the latest new, etc. because those events will reflect how the stock and company will be evaluated.

You can trade on our own Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) and other Stock Exchanges of the world, which you will be needing also a broker.

Invest in real estate products

Investing in real estate products or assets is one of best way to make a fortune today in the Philippines, but you will be needing a capital on this.

Real Estate products are assets that continues to appreciate in value overtime, which means that if you buy a land or house worth 50,000 Php today, in the upcoming years it will double or triple the worth, no matter the market outlook.

Or you can invest on rental property such buildings, home and land, which you can have passive income every month from your tenants.

Create your own blog

Blogging is probably is the least popular in this list, but many millennials and Gen Z people are making thousands of pesos doing this. Just imagine it, you’re once a hobby is making money and paying your bills.

Blogging will never gets old, the concept may be but it will still be one of the best sources of information out there. And information is one of the most valuable asset you can have today.

In starting your own blog, you will just need a small amount to pay for hosting and domain name, that’s it. Because, you be needing this two to make your blog online.

Once you’re blog begins online, you can publish blog post and then monetize your content to earn money.

The secret to make tons of money in blogging is by having tons of traffic going to your blog. In order to get tons of traffic, your blog should provide necessary information to people and use it in their daily lives.

Start your own YouTube channel

Another way of making money here in the Philippines, is thru Youtube or a content creator for Youtube. Blogging and having your own Youtube channel have similarities, but they will differ on blogging is to writing while Youtube is for video, which means you will be publishing videos.

Successful Youtube channels in the country are earning hundreds of thousands of pesos, they earn this amount by providing value to their audience thru the video.

Same with blogging, your Youtube channel should also provide information or entertainment which intends your audience will stay longer on the platform. Which will make Youtube happy, which will then make your channel popular.

To make tons of money in Youtube, you will just need to have huge number of views and a longer watch time. With this two, your Youtube channel will likely to explode to popularity which could acquire more of those two.


Gamble is another way to make money, which is easy and quick. But, chances of losing your money or capital is much higher than actually making.

I don’t recommend this one, because making money from it is never guaranteed but losing money is always guaranteed.

So if you’re planning to gamble, then your money is better to buy real assets that will generate money back to your pocket. Or it is better that you will use it for starting your own business.

My Final Thoughts

Those are some of the example on how to make money here in the Philippines, but there’s plenty more with that. You will just need to see different angle, and money is always present many aspects of your life. With today’s time, if you still don’t know how to make money, well you have a real problem or you are just plain lazy Filipino.

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