The Best Online Places to Get Quick Traffic To Your Blog in 2023

So, you have blog now but you feel something is not right, because no one is reading it. Well, every blogger in the world probably experience those, where no one is reading your masterpiece post.
This is one of the most common struggles of a blogger, like yourself, especially in the couple of months in blogging.
Getting a traffic to your blog during the early stage of it, is very challenging, because of well establish competition in your particular topic.
Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo tends to favor those blog that proven already to their users.
So, the chance of your blog getting traffic quickly right after publishing a post is slim, however their online places that you can get traffic faster by sharing your latest blog post.

Here are top online places to get quick traffic!

Reddit is a website where every possible topic available have a community that commonly shares their knowledge. Also, when you share your blog post and it appear in the first page of it, tons of traffic will flood your blog immediately.
However, every community in Reddit have different rules, which you must follow, so that you will get banned. Also, readers in Reddit could smell, if your intention is just to share your blog to the community.
Try to share only those post from your blog that could create interest on the community or create a conversation will fellow members. Also, don’t post every day on Reddit, because it will harm yourself, and you dub as spammer.
quora to blog
Quora is a website about questions, this question comes from different people from different part of the world. You can also share your publish blog post on Quora by answering questions relating to the post.
Find a question, where your blog post could answer it, then share the link on your blog, where the full answer can be found.
However, Quora do have also a rule that you must follow, like do not spam your answer even though the question has similarity on it. I have experience it, where I just spam the answer, never the make the mistake I made.
Online Forums
Online forums are still a good source of quick traffic for your blog, you just need to find the right forum that fits your blog topic. Just join about 2-3 online forums and observe the number of people that currently online.
Also, don’t immediately share your blogpost to the forum, try get their trust by giving response to a post or help someone without sharing your blog.
If you share your blog post right after you sign up, they will just not approve and you might get banned from forum.
So, be active on the forum at least 5 days from the day you join, then try to post your blog and they might approve, which could turn in a traffic.
Social Media Platforms
facebook twitter linkedin
Probably the most common ways to get quick traffic for your blog, since many bloggers do this. But it is completely now, unlike in the past few years.
You cannot just share your blog post and immediately get traffic, but there’s still some instances that you can get quick traffic right after sharing.
Popular social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have different ways of providing traffic to any being shared. So, you must learn first how to those social media provide traffic for your blog.
Also, rules is establish on this social media platforms, obey them to avoid any consequences to your blog and to your account in the future.
pinterest to blog
Pinterest is a search engine, where it uses more of an image that connects to a website or blog. So, to get traffic using Pinterest, try to use an image that could get an attention and link your blog to it.
Also, put a keyword on the description about your blog, so that it could rank higher when someone is searching on that particular topic.
Experiment on the images, on which is working and what images are driving more traffic to your blog.
Many successful blogs today are found also in Pinterest, because they’re still millions of people using it in finding ideas or inspiration.
So, these are my list of the top online places to get quick traffic for your blog. However, organic traffic from search engines is still the best, but it takes time.
And, even though you can get traffic on this places, your content is still needed to continuously acquire traffic but on this places and search engines.

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