Top 6 Proven Ways To Make Money To A Blog In 2022 (Beginner’s Guide to Six Figure Income Thru Blogging)


A simple guide about on how to make money from your blog in 2022 easily, which could pay your bill monthly..

So, you have already had blog now, and you are thinking now on how it can make money for you. Well, there are number of ways that your blog could earn money for you.
You always thinking that, how wonderful to have blog that pays your bill and provide you anything you need.
But, before you any of this to your blog, there are still things that you must consider doing this, such the number of traffic or readers your blog have every day.
A blog, that generate less than a thousand of traffic or visits every day won’t make you money at all. Since there is a low percentage of people would buy any of the product, you sell using your blog.
Checkout my blog post on how to get tons of organic trafficto your blog, it will give an idea on generating visits and you can do it easily.
So, if you’re blog now do have more than thousands of visits or traffic every day, then you can do this following to make money using your blog. It does not matter whether your blog is new or more than a year.

Here Are The 6 Proven Ways to Make Your Blog Make Six Figure Money Roday…

Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are one of the most lucrative way to make money using your blog, because you don’t need to worry on inventory and shipping of products. You will need to promote a certain product to your blog and hope someone would buy it.
But be sure that the affiliate product you promote matches the topic of your blog, so that it will not be confusing to your readers.
However, promoting affiliated products does only earn you certain amount, which is in percentage that is allocated by the seller or company.
The good thing is that there’s no limit to your earnings on this, many blogs do earn six figures by just promoting certain products on their post.

Sponsored Post

This is one of the ways, where you can make money on your blog post but there are certain rules being made by the sponsors that you must follow.
These rules could benefit your reader of the post or it harm your blog, however the last decision is on you, if you accept it.
Also, it can be called as Partnerships, because those company that sponsors your blog post might also sponsor another one, which could make you even more money.

Promoting/Selling your own products

So, your blog has substantial number of readers every day, you can now create your product that could help further your readers.
Example of this product, could be an e-book, which aims to give your readers a much detailed way on something you have already publish on your blog.
Or, some kind of merchandise that your readers would love to buy it. However, the downside of this is that, you will be the one also to ship and have an inventory to this product.

Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

Selling ad space using your blog is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your blog, since you need to do anything. Many companies would love to put their ads in any blog that relates to the products that they are selling.
Of course, not all companies will do this, because they will first check your website if you the number of visitors that they set as requirements.
And only those products which are related to your blog, resulting into a less diversified companies buying your ad space.
This is different from those Google Adsense and other ad provider because they are the one who will set the amount you receive while setting the requirements also to be part of them.

Create A Membership

A membership would definitely bring you much more money from your blog and also it is recurring one, since you can set it to monthly, quarterly or annually.
But, be sure that your members would get the value that they are looking for your membership blog, like early access to a post or different products that they could get if they become a member, something like that.
And, by the way, don’t do this if you don’t have at least 100k visitors per month, roughly 3300 visitors daily, so that you will at least get a member every day.
And provide your members a new way to continue to subscribe to your website or else you will lose them.

Display Ads

This one is my least favorite ways to make money from your blog, since you don’t have in control on how much you will be earning.
As I said earlier, this is different from actually selling a ad space in your blog, because in that you can set the terms and price, while on this one, the provider will set both.
However, I don’t disregard this method in making money, since it will be also an additional income for your blog. In order for your blog to make huge money on this, your blog should at least have 100k visitors a month or more than.

Final Thoughts

So, these are 6 proven ways to make your blog generate six figure money for you, however don’t do this if you don’t have enough traffic and don’t have enough blog post. Be consistent in blogging, and you will see the result in a spectacular way.

Have a nice day ahead!..

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  1. Nice Post! I'm looking into affiliate marketing myself. The struggle for me is finding products and affiliates that work well with my niche (clean humor).

  2. Nice overview! I am looking into affiliate marketing now. Problem is that my niche (clean humor) doesn't work well with many products, so it is a struggle to find programs that will work with my blog.

  3. Consider an affiliate program with your hosting company, or you could have some basic affiliate ads for glasses and business products or blog building programs

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