Why You Should Get Vaccinated with Covid-19 Vaccine Now!..

reasons to get the covid-19 vaccines now

Covid-19 vaccines are one of our hopes in fighting the spread of this deadly Covid-19 virus…

Vaccines are one of the best inventions that mankind have greatly benefited from it. It helps us, to have a chance on fighting some of the deadliest diseases that ever shown in the world. A handful have eradicated a disease, but most of them put other diseases at bay or spreading throughout.

And the covid-19 vaccines are also one of the best ways to at least save us from laying underground. With covid-19 pandemic are showing no sign of slowing down, getting vaccinated probably is the best decision you have ever done.

For what ever reason you have now from getting a covid-19 vaccine, just dumped or forget it and thank your love ones, if you caught the deadly covid-19 virus.

Just imagine it, you may be asymptomatic now, but what about the elders of your household, they don’t have the immune system that you have or those children, they might easily get infected also.

This covid-19 vaccines are not for the good of a handful of people but the good of the entire human race, that still fighting and suffering of this pandemic.

Astra Zeneca Vaccinated

Here are reasons why you should get vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines…

  1. It is Safe

Safety is main concern on why you are still hesitant to get vaccinated by Covid-19 vaccines. The makers of covid-19 vaccines always prioritize the safety of the people, they will not release the vaccine if it is deemed dangerous.

With thorough research, even though it seemed to be few months, the covid-19 vaccines are guaranteed by their maker that it is safe to use and side effects are common to other vaccines created previously.

There has been no complete evidence that relates the current covid-19 vaccines that kills an individual after being vaccinated. In terms reports, about some horrendous adverse effect of the covid-19 vaccine it is still under thorough investigation and study.

Also, there will be doctors on the vaccination site that will guarantee if an individual is eligible or not to be vaccinated. Also, those doctors are putting their license on the line just make sure, an individual will not have any of those adverse reaction.

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  • You will be protected from the Covid-19 virus

The covid-19 vaccines will give you a protection, so that you cannot get infected or get infected but with no symptoms at all. These vaccines do not guarantee that you will not acquire the covid-19 virus, but it will give you a high chance you will not go to the ICU, if you acquire the virus.

Almost all of the patient who died of covid-19 are the ones who are not vaccinated, because of the following reason they believe in.

As a health care worker, working at Covid-19 Facility in Mindanao, I’ve seen the worst of this pandemic, people who is brought to our hospital complaining difficulty of breathing, after few hours of confinement, they were dead. And they are unvaccinated individual.

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  • It is FREE

Getting vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines cost nothing, because the government have already shouldered the expenses on it. So, you will just need to present yourself to any vaccination sites near you and get vaccinated.

As of now, only the government was allowed to purchase the vaccines but, in the future, you might will be the one to purchase the vaccine and yet the cost is still unknown.

You should be grateful for these vaccines because, you will have now a protection for this nasty Covid-19 virus and already available without any cost and yet still don’t want to get vaccinated. Common people!

  • You Could Go Anywhere

Getting vaccinated is a voluntary action, but many of the borders, establishments and travel destinations requires a vaccination card. This vaccination card is a proof that an individual is vaccinated by covid-19 vaccines.

Why they’re requiring this vaccination card? Because to at least halt or slow the spread of the covid-19 virus and ensure the safety of any individual that has not yet vaccinated.

But, be cautious in traveling to other places also, because it does not mean, if you’re already vaccinated you can’t get infected with covid-19 virus. Still avoid those crowded places, don’t go out if there’s nothing important to do.

  • You will be helping the Health Workers

Getting vaccinated with covid-19 vaccines is one of the best ways to help any health workers and frontliners fighting this pandemic. Just check the news every day, health workers are complaining and losing motivation to care for the sick patients of Covid-19 pandemic.

By getting vaccinated, you will reduce the admission of any hospital, because you will less likely to have any symptoms, which need a medical care.

The covid-19 pandemic is more than a year now, and many health workers and frontliners are physically and mentally exhausted from battling this pandemic on a daily basis. They’re tired of caring covid patients, and the number is still keeps climbing. There are now willing to quit their jobs, so that they can rest.

My Final Thoughts…

These are just a sample reasons that you should get vaccinated with covid-19 vaccine now. But the end decision is still on your hand, you’re are the one who will be then controlling your own health. Never blame others, if you’re get infected and suffer the worst way of the pandemic.

One of the solutions to this pandemic is already handed to you, so will just need to grab the opportunity to get vaccinated and help the world return to normal situation.

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