How To Become A Healthy Filipino Without Costing Much

how to be a healthy filipino

The fact..

According to the record of the Department of Health, there are 10 Leading Causes of Mortality in the Philippines based on the number and rate/100,000 population in a 5-Year Average (2005-2009) and 2010 data.

This includes diseases of the heart, diseases of the vascular system, malignant neoplasms, pneumonia, accidents, tuberculosis in all forms, chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes mellitus, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis, and certain conditions originating in the perinatal period in which cannot be taken for granted.

Most of the diseases are acquired and inherited. But there’s just one thing that we need to take into is that how we get rid of it.

Perhaps, medication prescribed by our physicians can be of good help at the same time can temporarily ease pain and suffering from the diseases but how long will it take. Reference:


What can we do to eradicate those diseases?

Come to think of it, before a person acquired the disease through hereditary where could it be started? Everything we do comes with a choice, and that choice brings great impact into our lives it’s either a choice that can transform you or a choice that can destroy you. One choice will define you.

Let us just set an example like a person could be no history of inherited disease from childhood yet her lifestyle is unhealthy; eating salty, sweets, and high cholesterol diet that eventually causes her sugar to rise, blood pressure went up, and so on.

What do you think will happen after that, it would probably be now an acquired disease, and when the time comes that person will have offspring and eventually pass his/her disease down to them then that would be the start of the domino effect?

So, how can we eradicate such diseases? Well, it should come first with discipline. Live with a healthy lifestyle.

Have we ever thought of a great physician being known more than any physician in this world? Your physician would probably prescribe antibiotics, insulin, and even anti-hypertensive medications and that is exactly their job helping you relieve the pain temporarily.


But, how about we go back to the bottom of it, back to where we all started. Why not we talk about natural prescription, since we all wanted better options.

Here are some useful ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle that won’t cost you so much,

  1. Eating nutritious food

                Choosing the right food still remains the best option to foster good health, especially given the fact that so many health problems can lead to permanent damage. There has to be a balance in choosing the right diet.

Since the original diet of man comes from seed-bearing plants and that includes vegetables and fruits. Perhaps, there are nutrients that from the plant aren’t enough to sustain our body such as protein from meat. But still, plants are also a good source for healing remedies.

  • Drink a lot of water

                Most of the time, we get to drink water just to quench our thirst. We forgot to think that it is also a part of the nutrient that we need in our body. While neither a nutrient nor a mineral, water is another substance needed for health.

It acts as a solvent for all products of digestion, carries nutrients to the tissues, removes waste products from the tissues, and helps regulate body temperature. It also assists in transporting oxygen, fat, and glucose to the working muscles.

Study shows that drinking warm water can help lower blood pressure because it gives an easy way to get your blood flowing.

The heat warms your body and helps blood flow throughout your body. It could simply mean that warm water gives better circulation that helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Do some Exercise before you start the day or even at the end of the day

                There are a lot of benefits we can get through exercise. It can help you control your weight, help you lower your blood sugar level, it helps your body release chemicals that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed and anything more you could imagine.

, without discipline and routine of performing it, you will still end up trying. Many have started to do exercise but still end up quitting instead of doing routines like lying in bed, and so on.

We can name a lot of benefits but without discipline, it could be nothing. So, when you decided to start exercising you should bear in mind through commitment that you will not stop instead make it a hobby.


  •  Have time for yourself, do a recreation that satisfies

                Getting away from work sometimes isn’t bad, you need time to relax and get some refreshment.  Recreation tends to enhance and promote health.

It manages to bear refreshment for mind and body and thus enables us to return with a new vigor (active bodily or mental strength) to the earnest (important) work of life.

Enjoying the sight of nature also helps forget the stress we had from work.

  • Control your temper

                Anger isn’t something you can control. You can’t always control the situation you’re in or how it makes you feel, but you can control how you express your anger.

And you can communicate your feelings without being verbally or physically abusive.

“Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly.” Proverbs 14:29

“Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.” Proverbs 17:22

  • Get some fresh Air

                Don’t you know that love is like a wind, we cannot see it but we can feel it. You can name many, to use air as an example but the best example that we could think of is that we cannot breathe without it. It sustains life and growth.

So, if you ever think of it as nothing then you probably not enjoying the life you have now. But then, who would have ever dared to think that way.

Perhaps, to those people who find cigarette smoking as a basic need for their longing can be. Imagine how they turned air into a toxic substance, destroying their own health and others. So, if you have plans on cigarette smoking please don’t ever take a step of doing it, you’ll regret it in the end.

  • Take a rest

                Sleep is essential. It is as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health.

Sleeping helps us to recover from mental as well as physical exertion. Taking a rest is one way of revitalizing your tired mind and body.

My final thoughts

As you see, everything that we see around us has a purpose, why not use it. There are a lot of diseases we can name of, since then till now. It’s a matter of time that it will create another form of the disease, any name we could imagine and could be the reason to lower the life span of an individual. If we could just choose to do the prevent method, perhaps it will not become worse. After all, prevention is still better than cure. It’s never too late!

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