Disclaimer: This post is just my own opinion, no intention is being made that will stir a fear to all who reads this. 

With Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, yet it mutates into more infectious form, the only logical solution now is thru a form of vaccine. And many of the top pharmaceuticals in the world, scrambles to create one.

Then vaccines (because they many of them) are created after a few months. All I can say now, is that we can now slow down this pandemic but is it?

Many governments all over the world, preaches that everyone should be vaccinated. But citizens, have mixed feelings about this vaccination, some of them are willing but others are hesitant also.

But why?

So, let me provide an example for this situation…

I’m a Filipino, so it’s just common sense that I will used my own country, Philippines. Our President, Rodrigo Duterte, constantly preaches about the vaccination, and it should be done as soon as possible to at least slows down the pandemic in my country.

But my fellow countrymen, have mixed opinion about this, some of them are willing to be vaccinated while others are also hesitant to this action.

Why some Filipinos are hesitant to this?

One reason could be this…

Back in 2016, many of the Filipino children had passed away to due to a vaccine, specifically for dengue. But the fact that the dengue vaccine caused those death was cloudy, but nevertheless it was made to be related by the media.

So, it created a fear to my fellow countrymen that vaccines could cause more harm than good.

Another reason for their fear of this vaccination, probably that the current vaccines for Covid-19 is just made quickly. They feel that it was being rushed, and those data being presented was just being made up to look more effective.

Also, many reports from the different country about fatalities of the vaccines were circling all over the internet. I don’t know if there’s truth on that, but it created a fear to most Filipinos about the vaccine.

It’s just up to them, if they want to receive the vaccine or not, but those vaccines for Covid-19 should not be used if not being tested or examined properly by our own vaccine expert of the country.

My last thought on this situation…

The vaccine maker should disclose all the data they gather, especially about the SIDE EFFECTS and ADVERSE REACTION. By providing the people this kind of information, they will have an idea on what to expect if being vaccinated and it will not also create an idea about the vaccine.

Lastly, the vaccine maker should provide an information who can only receive their vaccine to eliminate the further hysteria from the people.

Vaccine are a good defense for any kind of illness or disease but it should be done properly, it needs a lot of time to watch or monitor for any SIDE EFFECTS or ADVERSE REACTION it creates, because it can kill a person.

 So, should you receive this vaccine this time?

Of course, but the government should guarantee the safety of it, because it will be injected to a healthy individual not on those sick ones.

I hope that this great struggle that we are facing will end, and the world as we know, will return to normal.

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