How To Become A Successful Blogger In 2023 ( Beginners Guide To Achieve Success In Blogging )


5 Simple Tips About How To Become A Successful Blogger in 2023…

Blogging today, is never been more competitive and more informative than ever. But don’t worry there’s still plenty ways to achieve those success you always wanted as a blogger.

But how do you define success in blogging actually?, is it on number of page views or the earnings or the feeling of fulfillment in publishing a content to your blog.
Well, you are the one that can answer that question, so I created these 5 simple tips that you can do to become a successful blogger today.
Here they are:

1.       Create Your Blog Now

Well, this part is very self -explanatory, if you don’t have yet a blog now then makes one. If you’re waiting for the right time to create a blog, then that would not come at all. There’s no such thing as right time on this, you must immediately create one now.
Remember that, if you keep postponing this, it will eventually compound into days which could turn into months, and all of a sudden, another year is wasted by just waiting for the right time.
Also, your blog will not be called blog at all, if does not have any blog post or content on it. So, right after you make your blog, publish your first post immediately.
Don’t worry if your blog post is crappy, it is always expected on that way, since you don’t have any idea on how right a blog post on the first place.
So, check out this blog post on how to create a successful blog now!..

2.       Write More Content

You have now blog, whether it is newly created or an old blog that you want to make a successful one. The only way to make your blog, is thru its content.
Many successful blogs in the internet now are due to the content they provide to their readers that creates value. Information are one of the most valuable assets that a person could get freely today.
Achieving success in blogging, can only be done by putting more content on your blog, which relates to the topic or niche it belongs. So, don’t try to put content where the topic is not related at all, because it will confuse your readers.

3.       Be consistent in posting your content

You are now posting more content in your blog, which is great, because it will attract more readers in the internet that are looking on a particular information’s.
However, most readers would love to read your blog post on a consistent basis or schedule, where they set time for it.
So, try to create a certain schedule on posting your content in your blog, so that your readers would set their time to read your latest post.
And, try to post a content on your blog at least 1 per week, so that your readers would forget your blog. But, if you can publish 2 or more blog post a week, then it is much better.

4.       Don’t SEO in writing a content

SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best ways to make your blog acquire traffic from search engines, using keywords.
But, for me, SEO is very difficult thing to do, and also it does not guarantee any success to acquire traffic on that particular keyword you target on your blog.
And, targeting a keyword for SEO sometimes ruins your way in delivering a content on your blog, because you will be more focus on those keywords rather than the information you to share.
However, SEO is not bad, it’s just you may need time to learn it, so that your blog would benefit from it.

5.       Always emphasize your reader rather than accomplishment

Your blog now, have more content which means that more readers, you must give value to your readers so that they will continue to read you blog post, every time you publish.
If they put a comment on your blog post, then answer it. So that they will feel that they are being given a value, which could encourage them to read your other post in the blog.
On the other hand, if you’re readers put a negative comment on your blog, then answer them in nice way and try explain on something that they don’t want on the post.
More importantly, try remove those spam comments, because it will ruin your blog, and only leave those comments that are legit.
These are my top five tips to achieve success in blogging in 2023. Do this following, it will definitely give your blog a positive result that you’ve always wanted in a long time.

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