How To Know A Potential Investment Scam Here In The Philippines in 2024

identify a potential investment fruad in philippines

A Simple Guide on identifying a potential investment scams in the Philippines Today…

As a Filipino people, we are keen on investing our money on something that will pays off in the future. Investing is just like planting a fruit tree, where you will do something on it and make it bear fruit in the future, so that the fruit will turn into more money.

On the other hand, scam is trick where an individual will be taking advantage to someone that he/she will benefit on something.

Investing scams in the Philippines are nothing new at all, it comes from a very long time, but on today’s time, they’re more pronounce and easily been access.

Sad to say, we Filipinos easily get involve into this because of making money without doing something. Then after that, we will blame the government for not doing something to address these problems.

But I’d say that we Filipinos should be the one first to be vigilant about the investments we make or join in, whether it is legitimate or not.

Kapa Investment Scam

Probably the biggest investment scam in the history of Philippines, Kapa-Community Ministry International or just Kapa to common Filipinos. It was estimated to be around 5 million Filipinos where being involve on this investment fraud.

Kapa promises a 30% monthly return of investment for life, for a minimum investment of just 10,000 Philippine Peso. With this initial investment, every Filipinos could able to afford this, within few years, it grows in incredible number of members or investors.

The members of Kapa choose to invest on this scheme rather establishing a business or putting their money to the banks, since it just about waiting for a month.

As to other investment fraud, Kapa began to fall down, as many of its members where not able to received their monthly payout, then the Philippine Government enters to stop this enormous investment scam. And they succeed and the founder Joel Apolinario were put to the jail.

Here Are the Guides on How to Identify a Potential Investment Scam in Philippines…

It offers always high return of Investment

One of the identifying marks of an investment scams in the Philippines, is that it will always have a high return of investment. Usually ranging from 50% up to 150% returns.

These unusual high returns of investments are enticing to Filipinos to join this investment scams, because it will be an easy way to make extra money.

This high return of investments is very hard to achieve even to most talented businessmen and investors with talent on making money.

Stock market and businesses are the top areas, where to make money from investments but nearly impossible to reach those high returns of 50% at all.

Usually involve recruitment of People

Another way to know an investment scam is that recruitment will always be a part of it to make more money.

An investment fraud will not grow if there will no increase of members to be scammed, so in order to make more money to your investment, a recruitment as many people as possible, so that you could earn a possible commission.

This recruitment may come from closest people, which includes relatives, friends and work colleague.

During recruitment, people often talk about how they are making money from their investment without doing anything, in time people like yourself will join, since it will always be about money.

Quick return of Investment

A potential investment scam always promises a quick return of investment, whether it will be weekly or monthly payout.

But there are legit investments that offers the same, such trading in stocks and cryptocurrency, but it will always disclose the risk of it, same of giving the benefits.

With this quick return of investment promise, it will easily make us entice to join these so-called investments.

The promise of quick return of investment sometimes will not be question by the member as long as he/she continues to receive payout, especially when it is weekly.

No one know how the investments makes money

Another hallmark of potential investment scam is when no one really knows how the investment makes money, or someone will have difficulty explaining how it works.

Every investment we involve into, we must know how this thing work, it’s like how the car will run, because of the engine, the engine will run because of the components.

A potential investment scams will just make a promise that at the end of the week or month, you will be paid because of the investment being made.


These investment scams or fraud in the country will not go away, as long as Filipinos continuous to join these schemes. The best way to do in order to avoid getting scammed, is to carefully do research on these schemes or so-called investments.

Only yourself will be the one to do of not getting scammed, even if someone is always persuaded yourself to join, be vigilant on this investment opportunity.

Getting scammed is not a pleasurable experience, especially if it involves your hard-earned money from your hard work.

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