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A step by step guide in starting your own profitable blog with just less money even if you’re from Philippines, and make money on the first post. 

On today’s time, everyone seems want to start their own blog and make money from it. Well, if you’re one those people, wanting to start a blog then earn. Then there will be two ways you can end up, either you will make money after all or quit blogging, before you even make your first penny.
Of course, there’s a truth about making money in blogging, if you truly want achieve it. You need to put extra effort and time, in making your blog valuable to people. However, majority of people who starts blogging, never make it on the second year at all. Because, they fail to realize that maintaining it, is actually harder than starting one.
By the way, blogging is fun yet frustrating at the same time, especially if you don’t have any background at all. And, blogging is all about writing about what you know, and also the ever-evolving information in the internet.
Successful bloggers during this time, have already pass the stage, where you need to do so much more yet the result is not what you expect.
And their blog, is actually providing the money for their living, some even making around seven figures a month. To make seven figures a month from your blog, you need to monetize it, and there are many ways to choose from.
Let say, you are an individual that wants to start a profitable blog with just little money, because of the following reason you have. Or you are just encouraged because someone told you about making money using a blog.
Remember, you can start a blog with just little money in your pocket.

Well, this post will be your complete guide in starting a profitable blog with just little money at all. 


·         Choose A Profitable Blog Niche

So, niche or topic, you will need one, because your blog will be based on. This is very important part, choose a profitable blog topic, where you have some knowledge on it and you want to share that knowledge to other people. Or, your passion on something, that can be used also for blogging.
Many mistakes can happen this part, because they immediately jump in starting a blog, without carefully thinking and choosing a blog topic.
As I mentioned above, maintaining a blog is much harder than starting one and also many people fail to reach the second year because their motivation is already run out or they are exhausted by just maintaining it.
You must carefully think this part, because there will be a time where, you will get tired like you don’t want to write and published a content anymore. Then, it will lead to you to quit blogging, before you can even reap the money, you’ve always dreamed.
Lastly, in choosing the topic, you must think also the competition. There are topics with too much competition, while others have only moderate.
You can still make money even if you choose a competitive topic, it’s just about how you can monetize your readers.

·         Choose A Domain Name and Hosting Provider

So, before you proceed in choosing a domain name and hosting, be sure that you already thought about your blog topic many times.
Domain name is very important in making your blog established in providing credible information, this is where your reader can think it. It is the web address, where people put in the search. Having an easy-to remember domain name is very crucial to the success of your blog.
So, it is very important that your domain name should never have three words on it. Also, don’t add any number on the domain name. It will make your name difficult to remember
It is the best that you use only one word for domain name. If not, then a two-word will be good also. And for the extension, you should use DOT COM (.com) extension, while DOT NET (.net) is still fine.
If possible, the word for your domain name should be related to the topic of your blog, for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.
Example of domain name you must use:
1.       Blog . com
2.       Yourblog . com
To buy a Domain Name, I recommend you, Namecheap. They are probably the cheapest domain name provider in the market today. However, you can get FREEdomain name in hosting provider but the renewal will much higher than of Namecheap.
On the other hand, Hosting is a server that makes your blog, visible in the internet. And there are tons of hosting provider you can choose for your blog. Since, there many of them, then it is expected that some are good while other are crap.
Hosting providers have offers different hosting plans that you can use for your blog. The hosting plans includes Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting. But I only recommend to you to choose just the “Shared Hosting”, because it is cheap and good enough for new blog.
For me, the best Hosting provider for your blog are Bluehost and iPage. I have been using this two-hosting provider in my other blogs. Which also, a compatible with WordPress.

·         Install WordPress

So, you have now secure both Domain Name and Hosting for your blog. Then, the next step is to install the WordPress. Your chosen Hosting Provider have a video guide, where it shows the steps on how install WordPress.
WordPress is a blogging platform, that many professional bloggers are using it. Of course, it is very convenient to use WordPress for your blog. Once, you installed it, then the half of the works is already been done.
Since, it is a blogging platform, it is making yourself not to code for your blog. Your Domain name and hosting will be useless, if you don’t put any code to it, where it can look an actual blog at all.
WordPress, have many options you can do, to make your blog look professional and look also personalize.
On the other hand, there are also other blogging platforms that are in competition with WordPress. It’s just a matter of taste. There are people who loves WordPress and there are also that loves another platform such Squarespace, weebly or wix.
Lastly, WordPress is also a SEO-friendly platform, that can immediately make your first blog post be seen in the search result. Of course, it will depend on the topic you will be choosing.

·         Choose the right theme for your blog

After you’ve installed WordPress in your Hosting Provider, then you LOG IN to your WordPress Admin Panel or Dashboard. Right after you Login to the panel, WordPress is already installed a simple theme on your blog, the default theme.
So, in order for your new blog to look more professional, then you should put a theme that looks professional, after all.
There tons of themes you can choose in your WordPress Admin dashboard alone, that looks very professional and other also looks amateur.
It is very important, that your chosen theme should match the topic of your blog, because the appearance alone, would give your blog the very important first impression to your readers. Even though they’re not reading the post.
So, if you don’t want those free themes in the WordPress, then there are paid ones, while there are also free ones, that you can find the web today.
Paid themes, looks very professional and also, it is constantly updated, to prevent any crash cause by codes on it. A theme that crash could cause a major problem to your blog, especially in the SEO aspect.
On the other hand, FREE themes are still looking professional, some of it. But the theme is somewhat cluttered with unnecessary credits to the creator, which could have an impact to your blog.
All in all, whether you use a paid theme or the free one, the important matter is that the appearance of your blog, should give a positive impact to your visitors or readers, that other blogs doesn’t.

·         Add Important Pages

The next step in starting a profitable blog, is to add relevant pages to it. Pages will provide an additional signal to search engine’s algorithm about what your blog is all about.
These are important pages to include on your blog:


1.       About US/ About Me
2.       Disclaimer Policy
3.       Terms and Condition
4.       Privacy Policy
These pages can be made within just few minutes of your time. Or, you can search the internet or web to look for generator of this pages. There different page generator that you can use, some are FREE while there are also paid ones.
But, the About Page should created or crafted by yourself, you must never use any generator at it. Just, put some information about yourself, the goal of your blog, or what your reader could get from your blog.
These important pages will give your reader or visitor an impression that your blog, is eventually run by a professional blogger, not some kind of an amateur blogger.



·         Published A High-Quality Content

So, you have now a well-set up blog that only needs a content for your readers. Always remember, that the game of blogging is always won by people who provides the best information to their readers.
Forget those SEO’s, just focus on providing your reader the best content they’ve ever read their entire life. Like, they just want to keep reading it, even they already finish it.
If you have new information that you can add to your blog post, then add it. Blogging had evolved in many years, but the only thing still remains, is about the information you published.
There is always a difference between a lengthy blog post than a high-quality content. High-quality content is always full of information that your readers could apply in their life. While lengthy blog post, does not necessarily mean high-quality post.

·         Monetize Your Blog

To monetize your very first post on your newly created blog. Since, you want to make money at all, monetizing it is limited.
For me, to make the most money using your first blog post, you should go for the Affiliate Marketing, where you promote some kind of product related to your chosen blog topic.
Affiliate marketing is the easiest way, to immediately monetize your new blog, because you will just need to find affiliate product on it. You need to find in the web, a marketplace where they are accepting affiliates to promote their product.
So, affiliate marketing is about your readers making a purchase on the product you promote using your content in your blog. The more sale you make, the more money you will make.
There are affiliate sites that have huge commission rates, while others are just little. High value products tend to have high commission rates while, those common daily products are just about few dollars.
Never, put any affiliate banner on your blog because it will create many problems. It will look your blog very amateur. It will also annoy some of your reader, because it might impede the content of your blog.
However, as you continue your blogging journey in the future, then you will open new ways of making money using your blog.

·         Promote Your Blog

The next step to start a profitable blog with little money, is to drive traffic to your blog post. Well, there two ways to do this, by paying to run an Ad and promoting it to online places for FREE.
Since, you have just little money, then I would not recommend that you run certain Ads in Google, Facebook and Social Media platforms.
To drive more traffic as much as possible, you should promote your content on all online places. These online places include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Online Forums. Also, Pinterest is a great place to promote your blog content.
The more traffic that drives to your blog content, gives it a high chance that someone will make a purchase on the affiliate product you promote. But it is not guaranteed at all.
In terms of driving organic traffic from Google, well, it will not happen yet, since your blog is just very new, it takes time to make Google notice it. Also, to acquire organic traffic from Google, you must continue to publish high-quality content, make Google trust your blog.

·         Continue to Published High Quality Content

Since, you have now promoted your new blog post, then you must wait, if someone will make a purchase from it.
After publishing your first content, you must continue to publish high-quality content, if you truly want to make a living from blogging.
This part is where you must do a research, on what topic you write and publish next.
The most important thing in blogging, is just the information you provide, because that information you share today will be worthless tomorrow.
From setting up your blog to publishing your first post, is just the first step into the world of blogging. Improving your blog to continuing in publishing high-quality content is main task that you should do, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the time you put in.
Congratulation!You have successfully started a profitable blog with just little money, but the real work had just begun for you. Always remember, that success in blogging is determine only by how much work to you put on it.
While making money from it, is just about how much value your blog to your readers. So, increasing the value, definitely makes you more money.
Maybe you can share your thoughts below or share it to others!
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