Top 6 Easy to Do and Effective SEO Tips for New Filipino Bloggers in the Philippines in 2023

6 effective ways to optimize your blog for seo, even if you're a beginner

SEO is a guide to search engines, in order for them to know more about your blog, whether to indexed it for future search results or not.

Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO, is one of those words, that you want to do it, yet you feel it very difficult to accomplish. In blogging, SEO is very important because it is synonym with driving organic traffic to your own blog.
In the early days of blogging, search engine optimization or seo does not exist at all, because there are just few blogs and also the search engine algorithm is just figuring out, how to rank those information’s properly.
So, as the algorithm keeps evolving and becoming more smarter, information’s from those blogs and websites are now arrange properly according to their certain parameters.
On this time, Search engine optimization is one of the struggles that many new bloggers experience and face. Well, it’s just very common to new bloggers to experience that struggle and should learn from it, in order to become a successful blogger.
SEO should never be about tricking the search engine but rather guiding it, in identifying your blog and content, as a source of worthy information.
If you’re blog have a worthy information, search engine would definitely know it, then your blog will be rewarded with tons of traffic. With that organic traffic, then you monetize your blog and earn from it.

So, here the SEO tips that are easy to do and effective in driving organic traffic to your blog, even if you’re just a beginner.


·         Write for Your Readers

You must understand first that what your readers is looking for your blog or why he/she visited your blog at first. Forget first those, keywords that you’ve probably thinking right know. Think about your readers, maybe he/she is looking for solution or some information on something.
If you can answer that question, then 90% of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is already done. Many bloggers today are emphasizing on keywords, that you must target those low competition one.
Well, there’s nothing wrong on that, but sometime when you prioritize that, you tend to distance your content to your readers, instead of pleasing them.
I bet that, when you put your targeted keyword in your blog post, sometimes it does weird to read, like something a word does not belong at all.
That alone is annoying to read, especially your readers are looking for information on something very important.
So, your readers only cares about the information’s you published and they will return to your blog, if they are satisfied on that information. They were the only one that can tell you, if your blog has “high-quality” contents or a worthless piece of content.
In the past, blog post is being stuff with keywords so that it will rank higher, but the consequences are that Google’s reputation is at risk. Their users are complaining about the information they read, which are not helpful at all.
Since then, Google made an algorithm update to correct this issue, where contents that have been doing this stuffing of keyword are being penalize. Remember that Google is about pleasing their users and customer, since they are a business at all.
And today’s search engine algorithm, are very intelligent that can identify, whether that content should be rank higher or not. After all, search engine like Google is providing the best answer on their user’s certain queries.
So, pleasing your readers and you are pleasing Google, then they will reward your blog post with much higher ranking in the search result.
Just write a content, that you feel that could help your readers in their problems or queries. And you will be rewarded with tons of traffic and later on, money.

·         Place your keyword strategically

Another SEO tips that are so common today, is about keywords. Well, the truth is that search engines crawler does not actually the entirety of your blog post, but only the first 100 words of it.
It does not mean that you should stuff that part with your chosen keyword in order to get rank and drive traffic to it.
As I mentioned above, you must write for your readers, because Google is all about pleasing their users. Google will not become the number 1 search engine, if they are not the best in serving their users by providing their queries with best possible answer.
You might probably have conflicting thoughts now, but it is never conflicting at all. You will just need to put your chosen keyword in the right places, in order for the search engine to find it.
So, your chosen keyword should be found on this following:
1.       Title of the blog post– Have the most impact to search engine algorithm
2.       Header of the content – Provide an additional information to the algorithm
3.       At the Introduction – This will give your post is about your chosen keyword
4.       The Body of the post – Provide an additional information to the algorithm for your keyword
5.       At the URL of the blog – Also have most impact to the algorithm.
               Also, add some related keywords in your content, which will give your content more chance to rank on another keyword. Also, you must add more targeted keyword on your blog post, so that you will have more chances to rank higher.
Limit your keyword to at least 7 for the entire blog post, so that you will not be penalize for spamming. But, being penalize by Google does not always about stuffing keyword, there are other factors also, that they are the only one that knows.

·         Add Headings To your content

Probably the least that you add, when you write and publish a blog post. But putting a heading in your blog post, is one of the most important action you should do, if you want to rank higher in the search engine result.
Heading is very different from the blog title, but they both have an impact to SEO. In order for the heading to be effective, keywords or related keywords should include to it.
According to Google, “Tell search engines what your post is about with headers like H1, H2, H3 and more”.
So, it is important to have headings on your content, because it will provide a summary on that particular next paragraph in your blog post.

·         Make your image searchable to search engines

Another SEO tips, that you probably don’t do, is making your images to be found by the search engine. Of, course search engine crawler does not see the actual image at all, because they only see the codes and keywords in your blog.
In order for your image appeared in the search engine, you need to put keyword on it, so that the crawler will see it.
In image, your chosen keyword should be found here:
1.       Properties – Title Text
2.       Properties – Alt Text
3.       Image Caption
You must know, that search engine like Google have an “IMAGE” category in their search site. So, if you’re blog’s image appear on that place, then there’s high chance that your blog would generate traffic thru that category.

·         Submit a sitemap

Another SEO tips that is so easy to apply for your blog, is to submit your blog’s sitemap to different search engine webmaster.
It is important to include other search engines aside on Google, even though they have just 10% the total traffic in the internet. Those other search engines also provide you’re a substantial number of organic traffic.
Sitemap is a blueprint of your blog; it means that search engine would have an overview on your entire blog. The pages, the links that it contains that should be crawled or not, then indexed for search result to answer in any search queries being ask?
Search engine, like Google have many different ways to crawled your blog, even if you will not submit a sitemap to them. So, don’t worry if you don’t have yet submitted a sitemap at all to those search engines webmaster.
Once, you submitted a sitemap, search engine like Google will crawled those pages and decide whether to indexed it or not. Indexing time is always depending on the age of the blog.

·         Your blog should be mobile friendly

With the world evolve so rapidly, smartphones became a universal gadget that most individual in the world has it. Then, it is a common-sense that your blog should be also mobile friendly, so that those mobile-user could read your content without any difficulty.
This might not directly affect your blog in search engine algorithm, but their factors that could, if your blog is not mobile-friendly at all. And Google itself and other search engines are focusing now towards mobile friendly content.
There are ways to make your blog mobile-friendly:
1.       The theme of your blog. Well, if you’re using a theme that is not mobile-friendly, then your blog would greatly suffer on this. And you must immediately, change your blog theme that can be look good even in smartphones.
There are blog themes, that looks professional in desktop, yet very crappy in smartphones. So, install a mobile-friendly theme now, if you have it yet.
2.       The Paragraph. There’s nothing wrong about how many sentences that your paragraph should have in your blog post. But, if you still follow the old style, where around 10 sentences that a paragraph should have. It will be very daunting to look in mobile, especially in reading that paragraph.
Remember, that people have a small attention span, if you they can see your blog with long paragraph, they might never read it. Which will defeat the purpose of writing for your readers.
So, you have now known that doing Search Engine Optimization does not any technical skills at all. You will just need to understand your own readers and of course, Google itself. Search Engine Optimization should be easy and can be apply immediately to your blog, began to reap the success.
But you should also be patient, even though you’re doing all the SEO tips, I shared here. It does take time to see the actual difference. More importantly, try consider that search engines do not trust immediately any blog or website, especially in the game of information.
Just, continue to published information-rich content, and you’re blog steady increase its value.
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37 thoughts on “Top 6 Easy to Do and Effective SEO Tips for New Filipino Bloggers in the Philippines in 2023

  1. Fantastic post with some great ideas. I love what you said about writing for your readers – I agree that it is all too easy to get so caught-up in key wording that the article becomes difficult to read!

  2. Definitely needed these tips, just started blogging in January and still getting the hang of the seo stuff

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I agree, as bloggers, we should write for our readers, not for Google bots. Sometimes, we get too technical and think about keywords all the time, so much so that our content loses its appeal to audience anymore.

  4. For doing SEO for almost 2 years now, I loved these tips. I understand that SEO is important, but also focusing more on the content as well that comes across a little less tech like. I think people can tell when post was written to sway google in their favor too. Thanks for sharing!

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