Top 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Ranking Now In 2023

possible reasons why your blog is not ranking yet in google

There are possible reasons that contributes why your blog is not ranking now in Google, and this post will help you identify it.

Making your blog or blog post specifically to rank in any search engines, is one of those accomplishments that you will definitely cherish in your blogging life.
But the reality on making blog to rank in search engines are big task to do, because it does not happen within just days or months of working it. Others, takes years because of so many reasons, factors or causes that only those search engines know about.

On the other hand, seeing your blog or blog post getting rank in search engine is both reward and a curse, because it will propel your blog to limitless opportunities and it will also give you more reason to work hard, just to keep that rank or move up.

Many new bloggers today are getting frustrated, and eventually quit, because they are not seeing any result in their work. Of course, it does feel that your hard work is just completely wasted.

This is one of the realities of blogging that every beginner should understand before they even started it.

You should understand that there are reasons or factors to consider why your blog is not yet rank as of now. You will learn some it here, in this post.

So, here are the possible reason why your blog is not yet ranking in any search engines…

·         Not Enough Content

The most common reason why any blogs, that includes yours, are not in any rank in Google or search engines is lacking of enough contents. Search engines always emphasizes content, since they are just providing it to their users.
In today’s age, information is the currency of the internet, so having that will ensure that your blog be place in rank to answer a certain query.
There’s no definite number of contents should a blog have, in order to see it in the search engine result page. Because, search engines have those factors that they always follow.
And also, different topics or niche have different competition level, which also have an impact in the rankings in the search engine results.
So, the obvious solution to this problem is to publish more content as possible. The more content your blog will have, the more opportunity it can rank. Not by only targeting your keyword but also others.
But you should consider that it’s not just publishing a content but a high-quality one. Most of the bloggers that I’ve observe, is there blog post are being rush.
They are more concerned with publishing with their schedule rather than the information it should contain.
Publishing a content without any useful information to it, will provide no impact to rank your blog at all.

·         Not Enough Information in Your Blog Post

This next reason is related to the first, with a lacking of content, it does only mean also your blog lack a useful information to it also.
No search engine would rank any blog if it does not contain enough information that their user would learn or digest. Because they know that those type of blogs could always ruin their reputation.
A user that read a blog post with lacking information would definitely be mad to both the blog itself and to the search engine for ranking it. No one does like to visit a blog without any value to its readers.
So, to fix this problem, you must do a thorough research about your blog topic. Internet is like a mine, where you can get the best information you can share or get just a worthless one.
So, don’t just publish any content if you have just little information on it, because it will likely to provide to your blog a negative impact than a positive one.
Be sure that content have a new information on it or if not, then a current information that is being thoroughly examined or verified to establish source. Write it in a manner that even a kid could understand it.

·         Your Blog Is Just New

So, you have created a blog recently, but you don’t see any organic traffic from those search engines. But you must take note that organic traffic does not easily get, you need to make those search engines trust your blog.
According to Arefs study, “that almost 95% of newly published pages don’t get to the Top10 within a year. And most of the “lucky” ones, which do manage to get there, do it in about 2–6 months.”
So, what this study means for your new blog? well, it does need sometime for your blog and its contents to actually rank in search engines result page (SERP).
Just think for a second, think those search engines like a person or yourself, then someone you have just barely know for days, then talks about an information.
I bet that, you will not immediately believe him or her. That person should provide more information to you, just to make it you believe him/her.
Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, needs your consistency in publishing those information-rich content, before they will rank your blogpost or blog at least in the top 10.
So, just continue to publish a content, with quality of course, and those search engines will rank your post, which will turn into an organic traffic for your blog.

·         Your Targeting a very competitive keyword

Keyword is one of the most important aspect of search engineoptimization (SEO), because it does provide a great initial impact your blog post to the search engine.
It’s just initial because a keyword without any related information that a reader can learn or digest, it is good as useless.
Many bloggers, do always emphasize finding a less competitive keyword but have you really done this? Well, I’m pretty sure you are not doing this part.
There are keywords that you are eager to write about, yet very competitive at all.
So, the result will be either you publish that competitive keyword because you love to write about (which is not wrong by the way) or you will choose the less competitive, yet the quality will be sacrifice to this. Since, you don’t want to write that less competitive one.
The truth on this, is that whether you chose that competitive keyword or not, it will still about the time on how quickly that blog post will rank.

·         Your blog topic is too competitive

Blog topic or niche, is one of the determining factors that your blog could achieve success. However, success is broad term that only you could actually identify it. Since, you are the only that could set it, whether it is about on traffic or about money.
So, with hundred million of blogs running today, it is easy to understand how competitive this blogging thing.
And choosing a competitive topic for your blog in the first place, will determine how quickly you can rank your post to search engines actually.
Too much competition in your topic could eventually takes more time to rank, which means longer time to see an organic traffic driving to your blog.
But you can fix this problem by digging more deeper on your chosen topic. Those deeper topics, I called it “sub-topic”. For example, you choose on Health topic, then the sub-topic for that is weight loss or home remedy.
Nevertheless, focusing on this sub-topic could give your blog have faster rate of getting it rank to the SERP.
But you must choose a sub-topic carefully, because there are sub-topics that are also very competitive.

·         Your blog is not mobile-friendly

Why your blog should be friendly in mobile? Well, to answer that, most people today in the world have smartphones in their pocket. So, think about it, if you’re blog does not look well in any smartphones, chances are Google will not rank it and other search engine won’t also.
And the trend, is that we are on the mobile age, where everything should be optimized for mobile use, whether apps or blogs or websites.
To fix this issue, just install a blog theme that looks nice in any smartphones, you can use FREE themes or paid ones. Also, in terms of plugins, try to limit it, use only those useful ones. There are plugins that will slow down your blog or create an issue.

·         Not placing target keyword in the right place

This reason why your blog does not rank now, is related to selecting keyword that is too competitive. Since, I’ve previously mention about keyword, then it should be place in the right place of blog post, to be identified by the search engine properly.
Putting your chosen keyword in random parts of your blog, could still be seen by the search engine and rank it. But, it might longer than you expected.
However, search engines are constantly updating their algorithm so that they provide their users an answer to their query.
By the way, those search engines are already figured out, that keyword is not that important anymore. Since they are more on providing their users with the best information, even if the keyword is not there.
Your Target Keyword Should be found here:
1.       TITLE
2.       HEADER
3.       INTRO of body
4.       Closing part of the content
5.       POST URL

Those places have the most impact that you can use in order for your blog post rank quicker than you expected.
So, these are the possible reasons why your blog does not rank yet, but only those search engines could have right answer for this question.
It does not matter whether to rank on search results or not for now, as long as you are publishing a high-quality content consistently. The time will come for that, your blog post will rank and provide an organic traffic to your blog.

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  1. You thoroughly explain the factors that affect a blog ranking. I wasn't aware that I needed to restate my keyword in the conclusion. Thank you for this helpful tip.

  2. Great advice. I am honestly surprised by the fact that so many bloggers still don't have mobile friendly sites in place. With the majority of people now accessing the internet on their phones, this is more important than ever!

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  4. Thank you! By the way check out my other post in this blog. There are post that might help you.

  5. Yes, it is very important that a blog should be optimize for mobile use or it will suffer a lot.

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