8 Best Tips for New Bloggers in Philippines to Achieve Success in Blogging in 2023


A simple tips for new Filipino bloggers to become successful in blogging now in 2023.

There is time in blogging that you are struggling on something, especially if you are just a beginner because you don’t know on everything about it.
Every blogger does experience this, but instead of stopping they continue to work on their blog, because they believe that someday, they will reap the success they dreamed.
As a new blogger, you must accept to yourself that you don’t know about blogging, whether you’re blogging for years now, still there’s a lot to learn. And, search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing constantly updating their algorithm, which could have impact to your blog both positively or negatively.
So, I created this blog post to help you think what could be your lacking, why success is not yet reach your blog and this is not some kind of hacking the search engine algorithm.
This is my tips to blogging that beginners should be reading, if you truly want success in blogging this 2021..

1.       Know your intention in blogging

Many new bloggers today, just fail to identify what is the sole purpose of creating their blog, so if you cannot identify it first and foremost, then the chance getting failed is much higher.
You should already know the main purpose of your blog before you even created it, so that creating a content is much easier and you can connect with readers conveniently.
The important question you should ask to yourself, “Should I do this blogging thing?” or “Why I should blog?”. These are the example question that you must thought before starting.
New bloggers created their blog so that they can make money, well it will soon, however if that is your sole purpose only, then you already fail in blogging.
Blogging is about others now, gone are the days about yourself, so helping others about something will be the future of blogging. It is just the norm now, so avoid publishing content that are just for making money.
Your purpose should be helping others, whether providing information to something or helping them to stand from struggles in life.

2.       Research the topic of your blog

There could be hundreds of millions of blogs as of today that are online, this means only that every possible topic to think off are already covered.
On the other hand, if you really want to create a blog, because you want to help others or share your expertise on something, then do it.
But, do a research firston the topic you want, and try to visualize how many competitions you might have on that particular topic. Never mind the competition, just find a way on your blog could get a portion of traffic and make it stand out from the rest.
Also, look for different more focus niche that related on your chosen topic, in that part there are far less competition. Which could result in positive on your blog, because it can gain traffic quicker.
And, if you have passion on something that could help, then choose it as you topic because it will help you in the long run.
Blogging on something you don’t have passion will turn it into a work or job, which could become a stress in your life.

3.       Don’t wait for opportunity in blogging

Many people today are always looking for opportunity on something or opportunity to change their life. And blogging is not an exemption on that, many want to become a blogger but they are waiting for the right opportunity.
But the reality is that there’s no right opportunity in blogging, the more you wait, others also reap their success from it.
Waiting for days in the right opportunity in blogging, will turn into months and then turn into a year, and all of a sudden, a year is wasted because of opportunity that never existed at all.
Instead, of waiting for opportunity, start your blog now, once an idea pops up in your mind, do it immediately, because it will disappear immediately and another idea will soon emerge from your mind.

4.       Choose the right blogging platform

I assume that you already created a blog now, so whether it is paid platform or free one, it’s completely up to you to make it achieve success.
There are different blogging platforms available now, they are paid and free platform to use for your blog. Like this one, I’m just using a free platform (blogger), which is owned by Google itself.
But, with different blogging platforms means they have different advantages and disadvantages over the another. It’s up to you, on what blogging platform matches your personality or reflects on how your blog should be structured, that could benefit your readers.
Sample of the blogging platforms now, Blogger (FREE), WordPress (both FREE and Paid), Squarespace (Paid), Wix (Paid and Free) and Weebly (Paid and Free).
You should never spend more money on this part, try to minimize the cost in choosing a blogging platform because even you choose the most expensive one, it does not guaranteed success at all. It’s only up to you to make it happen.

5.       Don’t copy other bloggers

As a new blogger, you probably already known or followed some of the well-established blogs out there, and because of it you want to imitate them.
The problem of copying other bloggers today, is that you will have difficulty on structuring your blog, since it is not your own personality or creativity.
And this will cost your blog in the long run, because your readers would probably notice it, especially the way you published a content or the way you deliver also.
You should never copy someone, even they are very famous bloggers because think about it, there readers follow that blogger due its own structure or the personality, which stands out from others even they have similar topic.
 You should put in consideration that every reader has its own personality that could reflect your blog, which they could admire or hate it more or less.

6.       Consistency is the key

As I mention above that your topic in blogging should be also your passion, because “it is a marathon not a sprint”, and consistency will come in play once you gain some readers.
Many bloggers do fail on this aspect, because they are consistent on few months then stop once they don’t saw any success on what they’re doing.
They forgot that blogging is like building a home, where you need to make a strong foundation that will hold on everything struggles it faces.
So, consistency should be maintained at all time, no matter what happen, whether you don’t see any improvement in your blog’s traffic or you don’t gain any new followers.
The time will just come where all of your hard work and effort will reward your blog.
Be consistent always on the time you publish your post everyday or every week or every month and also, the topic you publish should consistent.
Many new bloggers today, do always jump on different topic which could have benefits and also a downside.

7.      Information is the future of blogging

I mention in one of my blog posts above blogging is almost more than two decades now, but there’s a huge difference before and the present situation of blogging.
Gone are the days of blogging about yourself, what you are doing on that day, a self-picture of pet or sharing on what you eat that day.
Blogging shift into an information driven sites that fill the need to answer about people’s query in search engines.
So, to achieve success in blogging you should focus an information that are not yet published or more improve one that existing blog have never been published before.
In this way, your blog will have an already edge to other blog in terms of providing a valuable information people who look something new about that particular topic.
Remember, that internet is a new world now that both good information’s and fake ones are thriving, it is up to your blog to make those good information stands out more than fake information’s.
Never published a content about something fraud or don’t have truth, because it will hurt you blog and also, it will be blacklisted by many search engines one’s being proven.

8.       Don’t Quit at All

Many bloggers never achieve the success they’ve always dreamed in their blog, because they quit on it.
Remember it, that blogging will never be a “overnight success” or achieve success within weeks or months but there some who achieve it quicker and it only depends on the chosen topic.
Once, you published your blog post or just freshly created your blog, that’s the time that you must not think about quitting, because the work and time you put will just be wasted.
If you found yourself that your blog is making you exhausted, then have a rest or break within a week or 2 weeks, never rest more than two weeks, because it makes you forget the blog.
So, continue to work on your blog, if something does not make your blog improve on something then look for another way that could. This is a just a continuous process that you must embrace, if you truly want success in blogging.
There you have it, the 8 best tips for blogging that you can implement quickly so that you can achieve your success as a blogger.
Remember, it’s up to you whether to get it or let others take away from you. And take in to consideration that blogging is now very competitive than before, but still there’s always a room for you to succeed.

15 thoughts on “8 Best Tips for New Bloggers in Philippines to Achieve Success in Blogging in 2023

  1. There are some great tips here. I think it's really important to read other blogs in your niche so that you don't just exist in a bubble. But your own blog needs to bring something unique, something to grab people's attention. I totally, agree with you that you're always learning and even when you've had a blog for a while there is still more to learn.

  2. I really needed this post. I have moments where I get discouraged when things aren't going superbly well with my blog, but seeing this has given me new life. Thank you for this article!

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