The Philippine Presidential Election 2022: What should the Presidential Aspirants address a myriad of Philippines’ issues?

presidential election 2022

We have these so-called strengths and weaknesses, and if we are far better at one thing, it is much better to focus on what we lack. Let us picture the situation this way, in your class, you are good at almost everything, but there’s one thing lacking. And to make everything balance, you should focus on what you were lacking.

The Philippines has good in everything but still has many issues that will continue to exist no matter who the leader is. We can tell that even if the leader can do great things, some feedback is still not good.

Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests. Politicians’ campaigns are essential to have a free and open discussion. To talk about a better representative and which party will make a better government. 

But, even though they are capable leaders. They still need to be sure if they can handle the issues the Philippines is currently experiencing.

There are five among the many problems the Philippines has that the Politician should focus on:


We heard that the Philippines is a rich country that many countries tried to conquer long ago. But, a lot of people are still suffering from poverty.

What causes this is a lot to mention, like high and persistent levels of inequality (incomes and assets), which dampen the positive impacts of economic expansion. And recurrent shocks and exposure to risks such as financial crisis, conflicts, natural disasters, and “environmental poverty.”

And as the economic growth decreases, many of the Filipino people are experiencing scarcity. Relying on Government is one of their choices to get support from their needs, especially during this pandemic. Politicians are obliged to address this as one of their campaigns. It is their time to prove if they are worthy of the position they are aiming for in the election.

Health Care Availability

When people are sick or hurt, they need access to medical care to get better. But when it comes to having convenient and comfortable medical services, it is usually given to people who can spend a lot of money.

But, if they can allocate health experts who will assess health developments, such as technology, vaccines, and other advancements, it would greatly help less fortunate people.

While healthcare is not entirely free, those in poverty will have more access to health services. Also, if they continue to allocate more funds to PhilHealth, it would help improve the quality of service and lower the cost of medicine for both rich people and the poor.


When a child is born into impoverished family, they enter the first phase of a long and challenging cycle that can run for generations. When a family lives in poverty, they usually have very limited or no access to resources. It only means they have few opportunities to further themselves, leaving the entire family fastened tightly in the poverty trap.

Most of the time, people will say education is the key to success and the only heritage they can pass through to their children. But, how can they give whole meaning to it when they barely have education for themselves.

Jose Rizal once said that the youth is the hope of our nation, and their foundation, of course, should start from their education. It is the only way to help them move forward for their family’s needs and the nation itself.

Unemployment and Underemployment

Here in the Philippines, if you have a laborious job, they only pay you less, unlike those in a different position with high educational attainment. This kind of concept has been in the Philippines for years.

They should give it even ample time to address the need of every Filipino to have a stable job, especially for those less fortunate. There are a lot of programs that Government Officials can offer to help people, especially those who are in small Barangays.

Employment is one of the solutions to eradicate poverty in a country. Because it can help sustain their needs daily and, on the other hand, help the economy to grow. The sad thing about applying on the job even though you have the skills is that it doesn’t matter what you know but whom you know.


In a nutshell, corruption increases inequality, decreases popular accountability and political responsiveness, and thus produces rising frustration and hardship among citizens, who are more likely to accept hard-handed and illiberal tactics.

Corruption has done nothing good in our country, but the people in charge of the ruling are greedy. They take advantage of the people’s interests. Even if we have great leaders, but one person among them has gone rotten, it will affect the entire plan for the good to fail. The leaders should address it adequately for the country to prosper.

Final Thoughts!

People can do wonders if they work together and help each other. No matter how diverse we are from each other if we come together in unity, things will get better and we can achieve real change in the future.

This is the reason why every country chooses leaders to rule the nation to keep it clean, united and prosper. It feels great when you know that your vote has a destination. The election is coming may our votes falls in the right hand. Vote Wisely!

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