Thank You to All Frontliners Out There Serving to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic


A simple appreciation to our frontliners, will give them the strength needed to continue this fight on Covid-19 pandemic.

Being a frontliner during this time, is not easy and a lot of sacrifices to make for the sake of others. Yet, we never really appreciate them, instead we discriminate them or worst, we throw something at them. The frontliners we see in the checkpoints, and in the hospitals are putting their own lives so that people like us, would never get infected on this current pandemic.

Prior to this Covid-19 pandemic, frontliners are already doing their job on something they must do, but when the pandemic hit the world, they are found to be valuable than ever before. Yes, they are valuable, if no one will care those infected or stopping those people from going around places, then the world itself will be in oblivion now, cause by an invisible enemy.

Every governments in the world are doing all the necessary actions or measures just to contain the spread of this pandemic. But, as of now, the pandemic is still continuing to grow. And in the middle of this pandemic are frontliners, doing their duties that might cost their own life.

We should thank them in every possible way, by following the set rules or measures by the government, providing them with food, or providing them with transportation and by saying “THANK YOU” to them personally.

This is a fight where everyone should contribute in order to beat this pandemic. The government had already played their part, the frontliners also play theirs but how about the civilians like us? are we going to let those two carry us on this fight? Hell No!

For civilians, we can contribute on this fight, by having discipline to ourselves, by staying at home as much as possible, following the social distancing and always wear mask when going out of the house.
These are the sacrifices that are worth to do, because with this, we are helping our government and frontliners to at least minimize the spread of Covid-19. Since, cure and vaccines are not yet available up to this time.

This battle may take some time, but we the help of each other, we have a higher chance to contain the spread of this pandemic to more people.

So, to all the frontliners out there serving to fight this Covid-19 Pandemic, “THANK YOU”. Without your sacrifice, the world probably in chaos now. We are just here to continue supporting the fight on this pandemic.


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