The 2022 Philippine Presidential Election: “A Country’s Fate is in a Balance”


The Philippines future will be decided in the upcoming 2022 Presidential Election…

Philippines will have their next Presidential election this coming 2022. As common to this election, their where notable and big name candidates in the Presindential race. Who have different views on how they can make this country prosperous and peaceful for the next six years.

The upcoming 2022 Presidential election might have some modification to be made because of the current pandemic. Since, the forecast that the pandemic might still around during the next year election.

The Philippines had a long history of great Presidents and had some that many Filipinos consider “ not so great leader”. In compare to the current administration, Philippines experience a boom prior to Covid19 pandemic. Different big projects and programs had been implemented to improve the living of Filipinos and move forward to progress.

Filipinos will once again elect a new President that will again determine their fate for the six years, whether they will have a bright future ahead or walk into a stagnation, which could result into suffering of fellow Filipinos.

Also, the upcoming 2022 Philippine Presidential Election is not just about the presidential race but more on entirity of the election itself. Moving forward to progress means also that it must begin to the lowest form of government. They’re the extension of the national government, they will be the one to let us fell the progress.

We will never achieve the progress that we always dreamed off, if we don’t elect the right leaders in local government. Political dynasties and incumbent leaders are a common norm for a very long time, which might be good or bad to the entire country.

The Previous Time

In the past administration, they have implemented different projects and programs for the sake of Filipino people. Some have big impact while others are just waste of time and money.

These projects and programs are created to make the life of Filipinos prosperous and improve but not all of them felt it. Well, I don’t what’s going on why not all felt the progress.

Those projects and programs for me, needs to be change or at least improve it so that Filipinos will felt the action of the government.

The Current Administration

The Duterte’s administration may have not be the perfect one but they did provide a big changes in the country. As to illegal drug infestation, the administration have really change scene on this, they may not completely eradicated it, but they made those makers fear them. Or they made the spread slows down.

The current administration have also made programs, big projects and new laws that benefit the Filipino people. Especially this pandemic time, they provide all the necessary action to help those Filipinos, who are struggling this time or make it bearable.

In terms of corruption, it may never eradicated but as we can observe it does not much rampant to other previous administration, where many Filipinos have impacted which turn into a suffering.

A Future Of A Country

Progress towards a better living is a common promise that a politician announces during its campaign. Those promises might be implemented or just remain a promises, which then become a disappointments to many Filipinos.

Every Filipinos just want to have a better life with the aid of the leaders they elect, but sometimes those leader being elected will just forget about their promises.

This is the right time to put leader that will lead Philippines to progress not regress, because at the end we Filipinos will be the one suffer not them.

Filipinos should elect those candidates that will put the country’ needs first rather their own interest. Never blinded with those promise and money that is given during the election period. Because at the end they will get back the money, once they are in position.

The elected president should never integrate the past but rather look into the future on he/she can do to make Filipinos proud and have comfortable living.

And in terms of decision making, the upcoming president should have its own judgement and overview on everything happening the country. He/she should not be influence by any of his advisors but rather give him/her a freedom to choice on the right thing to do.

The upcoming president should have realistic goals for the future of the country, he/she should address those problems that the country continue to suffer while also improves those which needs improving.

And to the Filipino people, the upcoming 2022 Presidential Election where your only time to show your power. But if your supported candidate does not win, just support the elected because with unity, it will be easy to move forward to a better country.

My thoughts

This is not a endorsement or a campaign to a candidate but more of perspective on how you, as a Filipinos make our country better in the upcoming six years.

Our elected leaders should lead us into a better future not into the abyss of disappointments. So, vote wisely and smartly, elect only those who have vision on our country.

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